The Rulers World

Going Outside

It was a beautiful morning,

Derrick woke up after a long day of practice yesterday,

He wasn really trying to get off bed for a 32years old man on the inside, he was worse than a three years old kid on the outside.

He sprawled on the soft big bed in his room, the bed big enough to fit three people, he heard a knock on the door, which was followed by footsteps entering, a maid came in and woke him up that he was being summoned by his father.

The maid was his personal maid, after taking care of him since he was a child, she was chosen to look after him.

The maid would be 17years old a bit short for her age, endowed in the necessary places, and mostly quiet, she only said what was necessary, and speak when she is spoken to nothing more.

The 3years old kid grumpily woke up and went straight to the study to meet his father, thats were his father was most of the time, Derrick doesn have the fear the retainers have for his father, his father was one of the best man he knew, not that he knew alot of people in both worlds, heck in this world he hasn even left the Dark mansion.

”I heard you have been practicing magic son, it seems you want to be a mage, how has the practice been going? ”

How did father know that I have been practicing I only started yesterday

Derrick thought, but only shrugged it off and said

”Father, practicing magic has been hard, tiring and tasking, I just started practicing because I was bored, besides I don really need to be strong to succeed you ”

I can admit I was scared, and was forced to practice because of a nightmare, I wouldn be able to raise my head anymore to face father if he knew.

”Son you have to know that you need strength in everything you have to do in this world, and as a noble strength is very much needed, you can protect your people by just being a good ruler you have to decide to make the most of it, and become a strong ruler who can provide for the people and most of all to protect yourself ”.

Derrick looked complicated he wasn really planning on ruling after taking over, and leaving most matters to his delegates, but what would become of the Dark territory then

Well that would be many many years away from now, he looked energized leaving the important matters to himself, and leaving everything else to his delegates was his best bet.

Derrick didn know how strong his father was as a warrior, but he knew he was very strong being able to keep this territory in peace for this very long wasn an easy feat.

Derrick looked around the study and saw the files that were sprawled around, the books that were neatly stored, and part of the study had weapons.

Derrick excused himself from his fathers study, and returned to wash up, and went to the dining to take his breakfast.

He meant Miranda there staring at him with her eyes sparkling, what the heck is wrong with mother he thought

” ”Eat alot son ” ”, Miranda was persuading Derrick to eat more food, even thou Derrick doesn know why all of these happened in the morning he was happy for the attention he got, anyways after breakfast Miranda accompanied Derrick for sometime before finally leaving him

Derrick went back to his room and then started practicing

”Mages are determined by the speed of their spells, there are powerful spells that need chanting before casting, and they are spells that only need imagination to cast, they are easily learned ”

First Spell

Water Bubble

This spell creates little water bubbles

Not practical for fighting often used as entertainment!!

”Okay lets start imagine a water Bubble…wouldn a boulder looks cooler than a bubble the imagination was already moving in a different direction ”

”Nothing happened, oh who said I had a talent for magic, am gonna whoop your ass ”

Derrick said this, forgetting that his mother was the one who evaluated him.

”Again… lets imagine it straight water bubbles, water bubbles ”

wooosh, wooosh, a little ball of air was created

”This sucks, it seems am better in the air attribute to the water attribute ”

After a while he got tired and left his room wanting to take a break, he has never really left the mansion since he was born, and never really saw any need to leave since he was still a kid and he himself doesn want to, the Dark mansion was a bit huge fitting a noble, compared to his apartment back on earth, he doesn feel any need for him to even step out of the mansion and his parents wouldn allow him….

A few years passed and now he was 7 years old, he has learnt alot of spells during that time, but they were mostly basic water and air spells, and a bit intermediate spells, but what he was focused on was spells that could make him faster due to his air attribute those spells came naturally..

His main focus was to flee in situations that wasn favourable to him, someone who has been living in a modern word doesn really have the mental power yet to face monsters yet, and as such he was focused on speed spells through his air attribute, his water attributes spells were mostly offensive, due to the fact that it can help him in situations he couldn escape from.

Since the time he was born, he finally felt the need to leave the mansion and see how the Dark territory is like…

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