Chapter 2 Cannon Fodder also has best friends


Tick… Tick…

It is the sound of the watch hand turning.

Luo Bo stood in front of the hotel’s door, pretending to accidentally turn on his mobile phone, and the person who made a deal with him hasn’t sent a message yet.

“Xiacheng is not too far from here, why is she so late?” Luo Bo rubbed his cold hands and clamped the leather bag in the creaking nest.

This time, what he is in charge of receiving was a poor girl sold by her sister, a fifteen-year-old chick.

When he saw the photo at that time, Luo Bo almost couldn’t help but want to take it as his own.
That pitiful little appearance with a hint of stubbornness is really unstoppable!

But it’s a pity that the most taboo thing in his line of business is to eat “wort grass”, what’s more, this time this girl named Nanxi was ordered by that gentleman…

“Cha!” Luo Bo took out a lighter from his pocket and lit the cigar in his mouth.
He raised his head and spit out a few smoke rings with a “puff”.

“Damn… That little girl won’t go back on the deal, right? It’s been so long, hasn’t she come yet?” Luo Bo felt the cold air becoming colder, and cursed angrily.

He is not afraid of the other party calling law enforcement.

Nanyin, a notorious female gangster in Xiacheng District, the other party’s background is not necessarily cleaner than his own.

This time, she was forced to sell her sister, he doesn’t know if one day she will have to sell it herself.

Luo Bo thought wickedly.
After all, having a younger sister that looks so good, how can her elder sister be so bad…


Just when Luo Bo was thinking about it, a light in the distance stinged his eyes.

Looking closely, it turned out to be a municipal inspection drone.
Seeing this, Luo Bo hurriedly extinguished the cigarette butt and turned around.
Avoid being caught on camera.

As a result, at the moment of turning around, Luo Bo saw a patrol car of the Tianzhou Police Division in the reflection of the glass door of the hotel.

‘Niang Xipi, today is so unlucky!’

He went out to trade but encountered the police!

Luo Bo thought hard, but then he became a little restless, because he saw two police officers, a man and a woman, getting out of the police car, and they were walking to Luo Bo’s direction at the moment.

“What’s the situation?” Luo Bo’s heart rang wildly, and he secretly held the inhibitor in his leather bag.

This thing allowed him to briefly use the ability that was banned by the superintendent for committing a crime.
It is also a trump card for him.

“Sir, may I ask…” At this time, the male police officer had walked not far behind Luo Bo, and Luo Bo heard that the police officer was indeed going to talk to him.

“Fuck!” With a silent curse, Luo Bo pushed open the door of the hotel in front of him and walked quickly towards the back door.

“Stop! This is the Police!” The male police officer saw that something is wrong with Luo Bo, so he quickly prepared to take out a stun gun, and ran in after Luo Bo.

“We are at the Chia Hotel in the Philo District, asking for reinforcements.”

Seeing this, the female police officer immediately opened her power ring.
Her power is perspective, and she can see Luo Bo’s whereabouts from a distance.

“Xiao Zhang, he entered through the back door.
It is a crowded area.
Please try to avoid shooting.”


“What the hell, that **** won’t really sell me!” Luo Bo cursed, punching a passerby who was blocking his way.

He looked back at the police officer who had already started to run after him, and already understood he is being watched.

While quickly passing through the hotel lobby, he temporarily changed his escape route, and he was about to escape from the other side of the hotel, which leads to the square.

His ability is of the fire attribute, and when the time comes, he can set two fires at will.

Thinking like this, Luo Bo quickly crossed the road, and at the same time, he opened the inhibitor in his leather bag.

The big deal is… to first solve these two slips before escaping into Xiacheng…



At this moment, the sound of braking sounded in Luo Bo’s ear, and then, his perspective was spinning.

There was a twisting pain in his left arm, Luo Bo felt that he was hit hard by something, and finally, he was thrown to the ground by inertia.

“What…?” Luo Bo barely opened his eyes, his eyes were already blood red.

In the last field of vision, there is a beautiful silver-haired figure on a public bicycle…

“Don’t move! Police!”



Braking violently, Nanyin had already turned into an alley.

After smashing the electronic lock of the public bicycle, Nanyin threw it into the big trash can next to her.

She then carried Luo Bo’s leather bag, which she picked up easily, came to the end of the alley, and followed another road to the square.

Everything went smoothly.

Because of her interference, the trafficker Luo Bo had been arrested at the moment, and the power inhibitor in his hand was enough for him to be arrested.
After all, that thing is a military contraband.

[Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for completing the first stage of the task: Let the traffickers get the punishment they deserve]

[Reward: 50 health points]

As the voice in her head ended, Nanyin felt a warm current rapidly flowing from her lower abdomen to her whole body.

After that, Nanyin felt that the feeling of weakness that had always existed in the original body instantly disappeared, and the dull pain all over the body also subsided immediately – The biggest change was that her throat no longer had the faint dry and painful feeling.

“Cough cough… um…” Nanyin tried to speak, and sure enough, it was no longer the hoarse and unpleasant voice just now, but a girl’s soft voice instead.

Unexpectedly, the original owner’s voice is still very good.

Thinking like this, Nanyin is looking forward to the appearance of this body.

After all, for some reason, her face is covered with thick makeup, which makes people unable to see its original appearance.

In the game, the character Nanyin doesn’t even have a standing painting, so she has no way to estimate the appearance of the original owner.

“Huh?” Just like this, Nanyin waited at the intersection for more than ten minutes, and the voice in her head no longer sounded.

It seemed that the voice in her head would not announce any more tasks in a short period of time.

Um? What is she going to do now? Going home to face her awkward sister Nanxi?

Nanyin thought about it like this, recalling the memory left by the original owner in her mind, and then she took out her mobile phone and made a call.

“Hello? Boss, is everything done?” The phone was quickly connected, and a young woman’s voice came from there.

Listening to the surrounding noise, the other party seems to still be driving.

“Well, it’s done, come and pick me up.” Nanyin thought about it and said, she tried to say this sentence in the tone that the original owner usually speaks to this person.

But Nanyin obviously ignored the change in her voice.

Sure enough, after hearing Nanyin’s voice on the other end of the phone, she was stunned for a moment, and then the girl shouted in shock:

“Fuck! Boss! What kind of elixir did you take to heal your throat?!”

“…The matter is over, are you coming?” Nanyin recalled the original owner’s usual attitude, and directly chose to ignore the shock of the girl opposite, but said impatiently.

Maybe it was because she was used to being yelled at by Nanyin, the opposite party didn’t care about Nanyin’s attitude, but her attention was successfully diverted, and the girl said carelessly:

“Come! Of course I will come! I can’t refuse you, boss, even if I refuse the request of the king.”

“Boss, send me the location, trust my driving skills! No matter where you are in Tianzhou City, I promise to come there in ten minutes!”


After hanging up the phone, Nanyin let out a breath.
She couldn’t keep imitating the original owner’s character and tone of voice.

Sooner or later, she would be exposed, and she must immediately clean up the original owner’s interpersonal relationship.

The one she called just now was the original owner’s younger sister and friend, Jiang Mi, who was also a student at Roland High School in Xiacheng District, and was in the same class as the original owner.

Jiang Mi has no father or mother since she was a child, because after the original owner rescued her from a previous incident, she followed the original owner Nanyin with all her heart.

She is not bad by nature, but no matter what the original owner does, this silly girl will support her unconditionally, including when she sold Nanxi this time.

She also persuaded Nanyin many times otherwise, saying that Nanxi is her sister after all, and there was no need to do so.

But in the end, it was because of the original owner’s insistence that this time a trade with Luo Bo was decided.

In the game’s plot, Nanyin is a cannon fodder, but she doesn’t have this best friend.
This is what Nanyin learned from memory after crossing over.

After a while, in less than ten minutes, an old van stopped in front of Nanyin.

A girl with beautiful orange hair in an old leather jacket jumped out of the cab and ran to Nanyin, rubbing Nanyin’s face in disbelief.

“Boss! Is your voice really good? Your spirit seems to be much better than before!” Jiang Mi’s surprise was completely reflected on her face.


Translation Notes:

“wort grass” means to not start or pursue a relationship with the opposite sex around you (like classmates, neighbors, friends, childhood sweethearts, etc.)

“Niang Xipi” means to insult someone for their deviant behavior.

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