Chapter 5 Campus Violence


“Boss, you are finally enlightened! Are you looking for a girlfriend!” The orange-haired girl rubbed happily on Nanyin’s chest.


Nanxi, who was on the side, looked at her sister’s increasingly dark face, and wanted reminded Jiang Mi, but gave up because she was afraid of her sister.

‘Sister Jiang Mi is so stupid… I wish her luck…’


Ten minutes later, Jiang Mi, covering her head with tears in her eyes, needed to answer a call and went out, leaving Nanyin and Nanxi in the living room.

Two lolis, one big and one small.

“…” Nanxi glanced at Nanyin timidly.
Today’s sister is indeed very beautiful.

It feels like going back to five years ago…

Moreover, her sister’s voice has also improved.
Today, she was not beaten nor scolded as usual when she meets her, which makes Nanxi both happy and scared.

And Nanyin looked at Nanxi who lowered her head, the corners of her mouth twitched slightly.

To be honest, Nanyin really didn’t expect the original owner to tell Nanxi directly about selling her.
This is indeed a cannon fodder villain who can’t be saved by her god-defying looks…

“These snacks were bought for you, eat them quickly.” Nanyin sat across from the coffee table and pulled out the bag of snacks bought by Jiang Mi and tried to stir up a conversation.

Nanxi was slightly taken aback when she heard Nanyin’s words, and then said timidly: “Sister…you eat first…”

“…” Nanyin was both angry and amused when she heard Nanxi’s answer.

The original owner’s younger sister was fifteen years old, how could she still look like a child who likes to pander to adults’ faces.

However, Nanyin also understands that this is because of her predecessor’s long-term cold violence against Nanxi, and this has cultivated to Nanxi’s current cautious temperament, so it’s not her fault.

“Alas…” Nanyin sighed, since she has already crossed over, the original owner’s fault must be carried by her.

“Here, eat!” Nanyin reached out a peeled orange and hovered it near Nanxi’s mouth.

The little loli glanced at her sister’s face hesitantly.

When she saw that Nanyin’s expression was different from the usual sarcasm and coldness, she opened her mouth and bit the orange into her mouth.

“Don’t worry, what I said about selling you this morning was just a joke.
No matter what I say, you are still my sister, Nanshan’s daughter.
How could I really treat you like that?” Taking a peeled orange, she opened her mouth and said.

Nanshan, also known as Nanxi’s father, is Nanyin’s bastard adoptive father.

After Nanxi heard Nanyin’s words, her eyes widened, her sister actually admitted that the two of them are sisters!

After Nanyin saw Nanxi’s expression, she nodded inexplicably.
This time, it was enough to let Nanxi know that her sister still has a little care for her.

To change one person’s perspective of another person is not something that can be done overnight, especially the relationship between Nanxi and the original owner… but Nanyin is ready for a protracted battle.

Seeing that this time the effect has been achieved, Nanyin started the next topic.

“I remember, tomorrow is Sunday, right?” Nanyin asked softly.

“Um…” Nanxi carefully ate the orange in her mouth, like a small animal that protects her food.

“Tomorrow I’ll take you to buy new clothes, and then the day after tomorrow, you can go to school with me.” Nanyin said, stood up, and handed the second peeled orange to Nanxi again.

She didn’t know what the original owner was thinking before.

After deciding to sell Nanxi, she stopped all the courses for herself and Nanxi.

Including today, she and Nanxi have not gone to school for seven days.

In the same situation, Jiang Mi, the original owner’s little fan girl, was the one who followed wherever the original owner went.

And now, the first thing Nanyin has to do is to resume her and Nanxi’s courses at Roland High School – The system in her mind will definitely issue missions again.

And the next mission will definitely be related to the main plotline of the game, which is the Roland High School where the male protagonist Su Xiaoyu will be, so Nanyin had to go back.

In this case, why don’t you take Nanxi, who already likes to study, back, so that you can get a good impression along the way, right?

Nanyin thought so, but saw Nanxi froze in place again.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you want to go to school? If you don’t want to go, I’ll change my mind.” Nanyin said amusedly.

“Ah…no…no…I just…” Nanxi, who had reacted, suddenly stuttered.

Why is her sister so nice to her today? Did her wish really work?

“Boss, something happened.” At this time, Jiang Mi, who had finished the call suddenly walked in quickly, her tone and expression were a little serious.

It’s just that after seeing the situation of Nanxi and her eldest eldest, this neurotic girl closed her mouth at the right time.

Seeing that Jiang Mi seemed to have something to say, Nanyin was about to end the interaction with Nanxi, but before that, Nanyin was going to tease her cute cheap sister.

“Okay, Nanxi, now as long as you complete a task, you can eat these snacks however you like, how about it?”

“What mission?” Nanxi already felt that today’s Nanyin was very different, so she dared to look at her sister curiously.

“Before I come back, you can sleep on my bed and warm it up.
These snacks will not only be yours, but I will also bring you other delicious food when I come back, How about it?” Nanyin said, reaching out and rubbing the small loli’s head.

Hmm, it feels really good.

Oh yeah, the big loli rubs the little loli, this scene is so harmonious! Jiang Mi, who was eating melons silently, couldn’t help but complain.

“Warm… warm the bed?” Nanxi was a little puzzled.

“Yes.” Nanyin smiled, got up and picked up the car key that Jiang Mi had placed on the coffee table.

“Sister will go out for a while and will come back soon.”


It wasn’t until Nanyin and Jiang Mi left the living room and went downstairs that Nanxi recovered.

Today’s sister is…so gentle!

It instantly made her feel like she went back five years ago!

Could it be that… a wish to that person really worked?

Nanxi, the girl who was supposed to be ill-fated, finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

But… Then Nanxi looked at the snacks on the coffee table in front of her and became puzzled.

Don’t you have an electric blanket at home? Why does her sister want her to warm the bed?


Why let Nanxi warm the bed? It’s not that Nanyin has never toughed a girl’s body in her life, and might never touch a girl’s body, so it’s okay to smell the aroma!

Thinking of the milky fragrance on Nanxi’s body, Nanyin felt a lot better.

“Boom!” The old van engine roared as Jiang Mi twisted the key.

“Boss, Xiao Huang called just now, saying that the guys from Beizhai actually used your name without authorization to summon those people under our command…” Jiang Mi couldn’t wait to speak as soon as she got in the car.

“Okay, I already know what’s going on, it’s about Su Ling, right?” Slowly fastened her seat belt, Nanyin motioned Jiang Mi to shut up first.

“Uh… boss… how did you know?” Jiang Mi scratched her head in confusion.

“Hmph, it’s a secret!” Who knows, the snow-haired little girl on the co-pilot gave her a charming smile, which almost made Jiang Mi’s heart explode on the spot due to frequency overload.

‘Boss is so cute…’

“Okay, drive quickly, they probably haven’t started yet.” Nanyin, who didn’t know Jiang Mi’s inner thoughts, closed her eyes and said softly.

“Uh… oh!” Jiang Mi, who had a guilty conscience, responded in a daze, and hurriedly started the car.

As a cannon fodder, the original owner naturally maximized her role as a plot activator.

In the plot, the original owner provoked a total of two heroines at the beginning.

One, of course, is her sister Nanxi.

As for the other… it was because of some trivial matters, the original owner was entangled with the younger brother’s preparation of school violence against the heroine Su Ling.

And this matter… was also blocked by the male protagonist Su Xiaoyu, which led him to investigate the original owner and found out that the original owner sold her sister Nanxi.

In the end, Su Xiaoyu personally pushed the original owner into the abyss.

Is it deserved?

Two sins, she has absolved one and as for the next…

Su Ling, what about campus violence? Next, Nanyin will show those who engage in petty actions what real violence is.


Translator Notes:

“Eating melons” means sitting at the sidelines.

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