Chapter 7 Su Ling’s doubts


“Now, who’s the idiot?” The snow-haired girl said mockingly, looking at Yan Lili, who had climbed up from the ground.

“Nanyin…Are you crazy!” Yan Lili was about to explode with anger now, “Why did you hit me!”

“Why beat you?” Nanyin frowned, “I ask you, why did you touch my people without my consent?”

“Your people?” Yan Lili was slightly taken aback when she heard this, “Damn, Nanyin, is there something wrong with you, look who you hit!”

Hearing Yan Lili’s words full of hating iron for not becoming steel, Nanyin lowered her head slightly and looked at Su Ling, who was lying on the ground.

“This guy makes a fuss about Ning Boyuan every day.
Today I’m here to eliminate danger for the people.” Yan Lili slowly approached Nanyin, who was thinking, and said.

At this time, Jiang Mi, who was squatting on the wall just now, also jumped down.
She picked up a piece of gravel from the side and looked at Yan Lili mockingly.

“Removing danger for the people? I think it’s killing danger for you, right?”

“…” Yan Lili froze when she heard this, but she had sneaked to Nanyin’s left, very close to her.

Bass! The sound of a switchblade being unsheathed.

“Nanyin, you grass mud horse! Let you beat this old lady, this is what you get!” Yan Lili’s face was grim, and the knife in her hand stabbed Nanyin’s chest fiercely.

Yan Lili is also a master of group fights.
Her movements are so fast that Jiang Mi, who is closer to Nanyin, can’t react.
She could only helplessly watch her boss be stabbed by the knife in Yan Lili’s hand…

Just when everyone thought that the arrogant Nanyin was going to be buried here:


A dull explosion sounded, accompanied by a flash of fire that makes people think of it as an illusion, everyone present saw that Yan Lili, who was still invincible just now, was clutching her thighs, wailing on the ground.

Uniform-type electric pistol, a small workshop-made electric-driven pistol commonly circulated in the black market.

Its damage is lower than that of gunpowder weapons, but it is more expensive and it has extremely low recoil and low chance of failing.

And now, on Nanyin’s hand is a black electric pistol, and at this moment, the muzzle of the pistol is emitting electricity, indicating this murderous weapon has been fired just now.

“Ah ah ah… ah… help me… ambulance… ah ah…” Yan Lili clutched her thighs and couldn’t stop crying.

And the dozen or so little sisters were directly frightened.

To be honest, they were just a bunch of high school students in the mixed society.
They had never seen such a thing as a gun sound, so they didn’t dare to go any further.

“Yan Lili, stop screaming, you won’t die.” Nanyin slowly loaded the pistol.
This pistol is good for everything, except for the fact that it can only hold one bullet at a time.

“Ah, ah, don’t come here! Don’t come here!” Yan Lili saw Nanyin walking towards her.

She was so frightened that she stopped crying.
Tears were still streaming down her face as snot got into her mouth.

“Su Ling, let’s say I saved you tonight and I don’t cause any trouble about hurting Yan Lili, okay?” Nanyin bent down and looked at the wound on Yan Lili’s thigh, saying casually.

To be honest, the damage of the gun is really not as good as that driven by gunpowder.

The wound on Yan Lili’s thigh is only the size of her thumb, and it has been scorched by the electric current that comes with the bullet.

It directly passed through Yan Lili’s thigh so the damage caused was really limited.

But this is what Nanyin wanted.

“What… Of course…” Su Ling stared blankly at Nanyin, who had completely changed her appearance, and stammered in reply.

According to the strength of Su Ling’s family, it is very simple to solve such a problem.

Besides, Yan Lili is the violent party, so this is easier to do.

Strictly speaking, Nanyin can do it without Su Ling.
To solve this matter, a sentence of self-defense can solve it.

It’s just that the origin of this gun is a bit difficult to explain.

“Let me be Kangkangha…” Nanyin took out her phone and checked the time: “The police should arrive in a few minutes.”

“Hey, you over there.”

Nanyin suddenly shouted towards this side, startling these little sisters.

“Take your boss away, find a small clinic, and treat her injury.”


It was not until the little sisters, who belonged to Yan Lili’s side, boldly stepped forward and hurriedly carried away Yan Lili, who had already fainted, did Jiang Mi realize what her eldest brother had done.

She looked at the pistol in Nanyin’s hand and swallowed, but then her attention was attracted by a few timid little sisters beside her.

“Huang, Xiao Huang… and you guys…” Jiang Mi looked at the little sisters, who had followed Nanyin, was angry.

“Boss Nanyin usually treats you all well!”

“Why didn’t Boss Nanyin see you when she was in trouble, but when Yan Lili called, you all came after her?”

“Are all of you dogs!” Jiang Mi finally yelled.

Nanyin, who only helped Su Ling up, looked at Jiang Mi’s anger, but she didn’t expect this girl with such a carefree attitude to be so angry.

The contrast is cute and there is wood.

“Okay, Jiang Mi, let them go home,” Nanyin looked at the young little sisters: “You don’t need to care about what happened tonight, even if you hire the most authoritative lawyer in Tianzhou city, it doesn’t matter because this is just self-defense, so…”

“Boss Nanyin…I…We won’t say anything! Certainly not!” The little sister named Huang took the lead in expressing her position.

“Yeah yeah, we won’t say anything!”

“We didn’t see anything!”

“We were all instigated by Yan Lili, you have to forgive us!”


In the end, Nanyin said some good things before coaxing these little sisters back.

She was not worried at all that Yan Lili or the little sisters would talk nonsense about what happened tonight.

First, because Nanyin’s behavior was indeed self-defense, the police couldn’t do anything about her.

Second, these little sisters don’t have clean backgrounds, moreover, stained.
They are all involved in pornography, gambling and drugs.

If they go around talking about this and attract the police, she is afraid that she, Nanyin, won’t be the first to dealt with but those little sisters.

“Boss! You were so handsome just now! By the way… When did you buy this gun?” It was only at this time that Jiang Mi was able to have time to care about her boss.

“You can play with it if you like.” Nanyin looked at Jiang Mi and shook her head, then threw the pistol to her.

“Nanyin…you…why do you want to help me?” Su Ling, who was sitting on the steps by the road, raised her head at this time.

She looked at the girl in front of her who had bullied her with Yan Lili seven days ago, and asked suspiciously on the road.

“Cough, you also have seen Yan Lili was the culprit of what transpired tonight and she’s involved with me.”

“If they did something extreme tonight, I’ll have to take the blame.” Nanyin said casually, it’s pretty simple to make up a believable fact.

“…” Su Ling was silent, she always feels like Nanyin definitely had other underlying reasons to help her.

“Yan Lili’s matter… You don’t have to worry, it is indeed self-defense…” Su Ling whispered.

“Hey, I almost forgot something if you didn’t say it.
Come on, stand up.” Who knew that Nanyin patted her head suddenly after hearing Su Ling’s words, and then she quickly pulled Su Ling up from the ground.

Afterwards, Nanyin pulled off the watch on Su Ling’s wrist with lightning speed, and then she picked up the baseball bat.


The watch suffered from a dimensionality reduction blow.

Su Ling: ? ? ?

Nanyin scratched her head when she saw Su Ling with a confused look on her face: “First of all, the police will not come, because the call function of your watch has actually been damaged during the fight with Yan Lili.”

“But the recording function is still on, so…” Nanyin smiled heartlessly: “By the way, I won’t pay you back.”

“…” Su Ling looked at the beautiful snow-haired girl in front of her with a complicated expression, and she suddenly felt like she couldn’t…understand her.

By the way, how did she know the secret of the watch…

Suddenly, Su Ling saw a helpless smile on Nanyin’s face, and then she saw that the girl, who was still calm just now, gently took the pistol in Jiang Mi’s hand and pointed it to her back.

“Excuse me, enthusiastic young man, will you come out for me?”


Translator’s Notes:

“Hating iron for not becoming steel” means to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement.

“grass mud horse” equivalent to the “f” profanity.

“The contrast is cute and there is wood” means the contrast between the two things is very big, but this contrast does not make one feel strange, but rather cute.

(Just to let you readers know that I have not yet died.)

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