Chapter 1: Stop Calling People Ugly.
Everyone Has a Reason

Part 4


It was mentally draining to act out of character, but she was doing it for a reason.

She was doing it for a reason, and it was because she was about to experience something even worse than unintentional death.

“Fucking Reaper.”

She pulled the covers over her head and muttered to herself.

“What’s the point of being the main character? Who cares if I’m pretty? The moment I show my face, I’m on my way to the bad ending according to the set route.”

Lila still couldn’t believe it, and she remembered the sloppy and sloppy Reaper.

Shouldn’t the Reaper be wearing a black robe over his head or at least a neat black suit?

I never thought it was a man wearing a black baseball cap, a black jacket, black jeans, black slippers, and a bad posture.

The Grim Reaper greeted me with a stiff hand gesture.




Yoon Seol got up from the floor in a daze.
She was looking at the Reaper in a daze as if she didn’t even know what had happened, and she suddenly screamed.

[Jin Yura!]

Only then did Yoon Seol, who felt strange being alone without Jin Yura, looked around.

Yoon Seol was so angry that her eyes turned white because of Jin Yura, who pressured her to lie alone and prevented her from waking up.

[Where did she go, did she really leave me alone?]

It’s because of her.

I couldn’t help but feel feverish as I thought about the fact that she had left me alone with a sullen-looking man and the things that had always bothered her.

[Bitch, bitch, bitch].

The Reaper, who had been watching her without saying a word as she fidgeted with tears in her eyes, finally spoke up.

[You know what, Ms.
Cho Yoon Seol?]

[What, what?]

Yoon Seol stepped back when she saw him, who had been suspicious for a while.
This was definitely where she collapsed, but strangely, she couldn’t see any people, so her anxiety grew even more.

[I’m sorry, I accidentally brought you here, so I came to send your soul back…]

His expression didn’t change at all, so she wondered if he was really sorry.

[The car will explode at that moment… I didn’t even think of it.]

Normally, Yoon Seol would have been safely loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital, but the Reaper pronounced her dead, and in the meantime, Yoon Seol, who was pronounced dead on arrival, was left in the ambulance.

Because the truck that hit her exploded.

The countless injuries and casualties in the aftermath made the Reaper rush to take care of business before he had a chance to correct his mistake.

His words seemed to bounce off her ears and fly off into the distance.
Yoon Seol cupped her ears with her palms, feeling like she was getting choked up on a high mountain.

The Reaper continued to speak, whether she listened or not, as she tilted her head and cupped her ears.

[I’m going to make you a heroine instead, and I want you to think of it as reincarnation and enjoy your second life].

Before I could process the words, my body flipped over.



With a scream, Yoon Seol lost consciousness.
When she opened her eyes again, she realized that something had gone terribly wrong.

An unfamiliar language, unfamiliar scenery, and unfamiliar people…

She had been reincarnated as 10-year-old Lila, or so she thought at that time.

At first, she was too shocked to speak.
The shock of a 26-year-old adult woman becoming a 10-year-old child was one thing, but the fact that she had died unjustly because of that Jin Yura was another.

Lila’s bizarre behavior had her father worried.
This was especially true since the time Yoon Seol possessed Lila’s body was shortly after her mother’s death.

Lila’s father, Baron Este, doted on his only daughter, and all of his servants were kind to her.

Gradually, Yoon Seol felt more comfortable and ready to embrace her new life.
But just as she was about to make a fresh start, she lost her father.

When Lila was 12 years old, her father was killed in a carriage accident on his way back from a business trip at the upper house of Count Pinatelli’s estate.

We were told it was an accident as he was returning on an unreasonable schedule to see Lila a day sooner.

Just when she thought she’d gotten over it and moved on with her life, Lila was overwhelmed with grief at the news of her father’s death.
And Louis, whom she had seen a few times before, had become the head of Baron Este.

While wrapped in her quilt and reminiscing about the past, Lila let out another swear word.
The more she thought about it, the more she swore.

“What a rotten Reaper.
Why didn’t you make me the hero of a romantic comedy or something lighter?”

Of all the protagonists out there, I’m not going to give you the protagonist of a wasteland.

There was only one reason Lila wanted to avoid being the heroine, even if it meant ruining her appearance.

She wasn’t reincarnated, she has possessed.

The last novel she read before she died was a serialized version of one of the bloodiest, most graphic, and most unfortunate endings to a female protagonist in fiction she’d ever seen.

Lila kicked the blankets and screamed.

“Merry bad endings aren’t my thing, if it’s a bad ending, it’s a bad ending, why does it have to be merry!”

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