The Yandere’s Sect Master

A Pitiful Person\'s Discipleship

I, Ip Jiang, the patriarch of the Azure Sky Sect, am casually walking around a densely populated city carrying a bag of groceries. Though no one recognizes me, people still steal glances at me from time to time. After all, I was an extremely handsome man who only looked to be about the age of a young adult.

My Azure Sky Sect broke uncountable records as I raised it up, one of those achievements being the most rapidly progressing sect in the last millennium. Its considered one of the top sects of the planet along with others which have been around for at least dozens of millenniums. Although weve become one of the top sects they still don seem to recognize us much. There are quite a number of them though and not all of them have the same affiliation. Righteous, Demonic, and everything in between, meanwhile our Azure Sky Sect has remained mostly neutral picking neither side nor involving ourselves in either sides drama.

When I first started this sect it took an exorbitant amount of time to even find ten willing people to be part of it, luckily those ten people were excellent, though their characters varied Im glad I took them in as the first disciples of my sect. Most left me to travel the world, but now I no longer have any contact with them. The only ones that remained were my 3rd, 5th, and 8th disciples who now reside as part of my sects inner circle of elders.

The rest have already set off on their own journeys, but two even betrayed me! My 4th and 6th disciples, if I ever come in contact with them again Ill make sure they learn their lesson about loyalty.

Should we even think about going to the upper realm? Whats the point? Im living a fulfilling life here, where there aren any cosmic threats, demonic disputes, nor any universe shattering events occurring. Even if there were theres no stress placed upon me to stop it, Ill just let those big boss of the universe deal with it.

While within my own thoughts I turned the corner into an alleyway. Its not like city thugs would be able to harm me anyway.

*Pat* *Pat*

In the distance along my route I heard distinctive sounds of someone being beat. I thought for a moment to just leave, but my conscience wouldn let me. I didn have a hero complex, at least I didn think so, but thinking about it happening in an obscure alley I immediately gained sympathy for the one being beaten. The only people who pop up in my head who would do this aren good people.

Turning the corner I immediately spotted two men beating a large bag, which upon closer inspection was multiple layers of clothing wrapped around a figure. I held out my right hand and immediately the two men froze.

”Wha-whats happening? ”

”I-I can move?! ”

Waving my hand over to the left the two men floated up and gently touched the ground 3 meters away from the figure.

”Hah hah!! Wha-wha?!? ”

”Its a C-cultivator!!! ” The two spoke fearfully.

”Please, leave this person alone. ” I spoke calmly eyeing the two while releasing my hold on them.

”… ”

”Oh, not leaving? Do I have to force you two away? ”

”N-no Sir cultivator, its just that… ”

”What is it? ”

The person looked at each other before gulping, ”Th-that person stole some of our stores clothes without paying.. W-we would just like some payment o-or the clothing back sir, th-thats all.. B-but since you seem to vouch for her well just leave. ” The men turned around preparing to leave.

”Wait! ” Hearing my voice froze them in place and seemed to pour a bucket of cold water on their hopes.

”Catch! ” Reaching into my robes I took out a gold coin and tossed it toward them.

When one of them turned around he quickly caught the gold piece and his face widened, showing his partner it seemed like their eyes brightened.

”Thank you, Sir cultivator!! ”

”This is more than enough! ” They said together before joyfully running off.

Turning towards the pile of clothes I saw a bright glistening pair of round sapphire colored eyes staring at me from within the huge bundle of clothes they hid in. Two small hands raised and covered their head when they noticed me staring. After a few moments their fingers began to spread apart, revealing their sapphire colored eyes once again.

Crouching down I extended my free hand towards them.

”Are you ok? Can you stand? ”

The person within the bundle of clothing stood upon their own, mostly using the wall behind them as support. They hid themselves behind so many pieces of clothing that even when they stood up it only looked like a ball of clothing had gained sentience. Retracting my hand I didn feel any offense from their lack of trust, after all a man like me would normally have some sort of agenda or reason to randomly save a person.

I was 6ft tall, but even then the person in front of me was an entire foot smaller than me. They continued to stare at me without speaking a word, their round sapphire colored eyes contrasted heavily with the dark environment.

Seeing that they weren willing to talk I decided to give them some money because of their pitiful and innocent appearance before leaving. A small flash appeared on one of the rings on my right hand before a large pouch appeared in my hand.

”Here, this is 3 silver worth of iron coins. Make do with them as you will, but I better not see you here again. ”

Their eyes darted down to the pouch and back up at me before they slowly cautiously took it from me, almost like they thought this was another trap. As they held it with both hands inspecting it I thought to myself that I no longer needed to be there.

I turned back around to the path I was h

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