‘I know I have a bad personality.’

These weren't empty words, it became more clear after thinking about his past life.


He was really bad-tempered, to the point where people around him would raise their hands and feet and walk away.


However, it was a little embarrassing, so to speak.


“If your previous life was like a dog, shouldn’t your next life be a little better?”


How can life be one dog after another?


Lee Jaehun murmured to himself as he lay down on the bed.


He was so distracted that he couldn't even change his clothes properly.
It's crazy that today was the weekend, he almost missed work without notice.


 Lee Jaehun, who had been staring blankly into space, salivated and tore his hair.


“Fuck my life… .”


Even though he was old-fashioned1, he refrained from swearing if possible.
But when he remembered his previous life, swears clung to his mouth. 


If the people who knew him were to see this, they would lament that the old-fashioned trash has evolved into a potty mouth.


However, the world in his previous life was a place where he could not survive without swearing.


In order to survive in a place where there is no value in life, no human rights, and people die frequently, it was impossible not to be squeamish.


Lee Jaehun, who was brooding over the memories of his previous life, scratched his head and raised his upper body.


‘The situation comes first.’


It was a kind of obsession, a habit he could never shake off from in his previous life.


Lee Jaehun, who always wanted a better life even in such a world, learned how to judge calmly in order to avoid the worst outcome no matter how bad he fell.


Even if he had the ghastly experience of recalling his previous life, it was no exception.


He got out of bed and headed to the kitchen first.


It was cold because he had only eaten out recently and hadn't cooked much.
He took out a sharpened kitchen knife from the kitchen.


‘What was it called? I think I heard it was a Damascus cleaver.’


After examining the sharpness of the knife for a moment, he repeatedly clenched and unclenched his hand.


“Let’s see… .”


Whirik, Tak.


Lee Jaehun tossed and turned the knife, which was not very large, to check the feeling of it in his hand.


He was an ordinary office worker.


Although he occupied the high position of a manager, he did not have the skills to boldly throw a knife and play with it in the least.


Even if he used a knife, wasn’t it only to the extent of cutting steak?


And yet, Lee Jaehun easily performed techniques that would have been impossible just yesterday, and this led him to a hypothesis.


It was a pretty plausible hypothesis after thinking about it for a while.


Just like inheriting memories from a previous life, wouldn't it be that he inherited the skills and powers of his past life?


'But I can't imitate my past self with just my memory.'


If he wanted to use a technique, he had to build the required muscle and learn the timing. 


No matter how clearly he recalled his previous life, there would be limitations, but surprisingly, he was able to display hand-coordinate abilities similar to his previous life.


It meant that the muscles that did not exist yesterday were developed overnight.


In addition to simple memories, his body became capable of learning skills from his previous life.


‘… Of course, recalling memories from a previous life is unrealistic, but…


He was a little puzzled.


The world of his previous life and the world of today was not at all the same.


In this place, abilities that could only be found in novels were taken for granted in the previous world, and the environment here could not be the same as there.


However, if you can learn the skills of your previous life, how will abilities that cannot exist here appear?


“… It's a bit embarrassing.”




He murmured softly, then grabbed the knife he had been playing with in one hand and slashed his forearm.


With the familiar sound of his skin tearing, bright red blood dripped like water.


Looking at the wound that, of course, did not heal right away, Lee Jaehun tilted his head.


“Are you saying that this isn’t possible anymore?”


Standards are weird.

[tl/note: he’s saying the world’s standard is weird if he can gain muscles in a day but can’t heal fast.]


He muttered while looking for bandages in the living room drawer.


His body in his previous life would regenerate within 10 seconds of being injured.


Seeing that it doesn't work now, it seems that unlike the technique demonstrated with the knife, the ability to quickly regenerate itself cannot be inherited.


Lee Jaehun, who found a first-aid kit, applied medicine to his wound and wrapped a bandage over it.


He had applied gauze and pressed it to stop the bleeding.
Judging from that natural action, it seemed that he learned not only knife skills but also other actions along with his memory.


Plus, the pain of his wounds felt very dull.


Before he recalled his past life, even a single cut on the palm of his hand would make him panic.


Maybe his mental state has become similar to that of his previous life. 


After that, Lee Jaehun tested his entire body for a long time to figure out how much he resembled his previous life.


He wanted to know what he can do, what kind of thinking he can have, and how far his capacity and limits were.


After about three hours had passed, he was able to come to a shallow conclusion.


Lee Jaehun sighed.


“Are you saying that only things that can exist in this world are possible?”


No matter how bizarre the ability, it meant that it was only possible if other people saw it and said ‘wow, that works?’ instead of ‘what nonsense?’.


After coming to that conclusion, Lee Jaehun lay down on the living room floor and stared blankly into space.


The smell of blood lingered in the sunlit living room.






'It's completely ruined.'




Dumbfounded, he laughed.


When he recalled his previous life, he had panicked a little and checked his body, but now that he had regained some composure, the reality of the situation that he should have felt a moment ago surged.


It's ridiculous, but he really did reincarnate.


However, even if reincarnation itself is unreal.


Even taking that into consideration, how can life be so twisted? Why did he recall his previous life only now?


“No, if you’re going to reincarnate, do it right… .”


Lee Jaehun muttered in a dejected voice.


This is the world of the novel he read in his previous life, and the main genre was survival and gore rated 19+.


For reference, it's R19 not because it's erotic, but because it's that cruel.


* * *


In this world, there was a place called the 'Underworld'.


Technically, that wasn’t the official name nor was it the common name.


It was because most people did not even know the existence of the underworld, and even those who knew it had different names.


However, since he was used to referring to this place as the “Underworld” from the novel he had seen in his previous life, Lee Jaehun continued to refer to it as the “Underworld”.


In the novel, Lee Jae-hun2 was killed.


'Although the main character's party didn't kill him.'


Lee Jaehun left the house wearing a light coat.
He intended to organize his thoughts by touring the places that appeared in the novel.


The Underworld is another world that reflects the original world.


Because they share time and have the same changes, the buildings built in the original world are also built in the other world.


Although it's not quite the same.
The buildings are much older, scorched, or mostly broken.


In such a place, there are no humans, only beasts, and monsters created by the thoughts of humans in the original world exist.


They attack those who have been devoured by the Underworld every year.


Lee Jae-hun in the novel was torn limb from limb by those monsters.




Even thinking about it now gives him goosebumps.


The novel he read was rated R19 for being cruel, but the world of his previous life was already cruel and impoverished enough.


Needless to say, even in such a world, it was judged as R19.


Of course, Lee Jae-hun in the novel was a guy who deserved to die.


There were two high school students who were devoured by the Underworld, and after tricking them into being bait, Lee Jae-hun escaped from the monster-infested building alone.


As soon as he got out, he was chewed up by monsters.
This scene was clear in Lee Jaehun’s head because the description was so detailed.


Lee Jaehun drove his car to a park near the company.


It was a newly constructed park, and it reminded him of an advertisement that said it was the only forest in the city.


He stopped near the park and gazed out the window at the park.


“…This is the place.”


It was here that the people who were swallowed up by the Underworld gathered for the first time.


The main characters were people who were near the protagonist's company.


A grandmother taking a walk in the park, a high school brother and sister pair buying cakes at a nearby cafe, and the owner of a flower shop who was taking a break after making a bouquet for a customer.


Plus a few passersby who were on their way and several employees who were working at the company.


By the way, all people except Lee Jae-hun and the main character's party were torn to pieces by monsters in this park.


Even Lee Jae-hun died not long after, so it can be said that there are a total of five people in the main character's party.


'There could have been more people who just didn't appear in the novel.'


The people who gathered in this park were confused by the empty roadside and gathered at a park where they could be heard by others.
So some who did not move hastily or were less aware of the situation may have been outside the park.


Judging from the description given later, it seems that no one but the five survived.


Lee Jaehun, who had been looking around the structure of the park, moved the car again and parked on the side of the main road.


His destination was none other than the hospital.


'Secondly, I'll pack the medicines I need from here.'


He had gone to the nearby pharmacy, but the medicines were too specialized.
This hospital was the first place the main character and the others found after leaving the park.


Lee Jaehun remembered reading about him stopping by to treat a female student whose leg was severely injured by a monster.


Lee Jaehun approached the counter at the hospital, which was deserted for some reason.


“I made a reservation for Mr.
Ha Seongyoon.”


“Ah, you can go to room 12.”


“Thank you.”


He ignored the reply and headed for room 12 as he had heard, and the hospital's distinctive white treatment room caught his eye.


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