I Began Pioneering ④

“That should do it.”

I see the pile of logs laid like a mountain, and say so in satisfaction.
It was a bit of a hassle since it was some distance from the forest, but this should be enough to build a simple house.

It’s not like I’ll live here, but the girl did say I could do as I pleased, so making a simple house should be fine.
When I leave, it can be easily removed as well.

“Hey! What’s all this?”

As I begin trying to process the logs, a loud voice interrupts me.
I turn around and notice the impatient girl I had met earlier.
Pretty sure her name was Aria or something.

“Why are there so many logs in this place!”

Apparently she’s surprised after seeing so many logs in one place.
I thought she’d be used to it by now, living near a forest and what not…

“I cut them from that forest over there.”

Aria goes pale, after making a dumbfounded expression.

“What are you thinking, cutting trees from the Demon Forest like that!?”

“Eeh!? That’s the Demon Forest?”

I was in that forest for quite a long time after crashing into it, but I barely saw any monsters.
That’s why I was sure that it was a regular forest.

Depending on the situation, it may be bad to cut trees in the Demon Forest.
The name itself implies that it is the territory of some monster or the other.
If you cut down a tree, the monster with a territory around it will come out of the forest.

In the People’s Holy Kingdom, I would make use of that fact by keeping the army on standby to defeat the monster and take over its territory.
I had once cut so deep into an area which had a high concentration of monsters, that they kept flooding out even without cutting any more trees there.
That land was completely ruined…

In any case, there was always a risk of monsters popping out when trees from the Demon Forest were cut.

“Seriously, Why are all men like this… I’ll contact everyone else to think of counter-measures, so you improve our defenses as much as possible.”

Aria says this, and goes back to where she came from.

(I wonder if I should just plant myself here for a while)

I don’t know if there will be an attack immediately after stimulating the Demon Forest.
Even if there is one, there’s no guarantee that there won’t be another.
Once agitated, the monsters could keep attacking you for a few months at worst.

(If a village collapsed because of me, I won’t be able to sleep peacefully)

The reason for this village being in a predicament now, was me.
I have to wipe my own butt in this case.*

(But this village has no fences or moats, so how will they manage to prevent the monsters from attacking?)

Nothing like a defense facility could be spotted in these wide plains.
Most of the buildings were battered houses, except for the slightly bigger one in the center, which seemed well-built and had traces of being repaired here and there.
You could tell it wasn’t built just 1 or 2 days back.

(I guess I’ll prepare to defend the village, for the time being)

I thought so and decided to make a moat using magic.


“Hey! You idiot! What do you think you’re doing?”
“Hey, Reno.”

As I was adjusting the bow I took out of [Storage], I heard a girl’s voice from behind me.
Judging from the voice, it couldn’t be Aria.

I turn around to see a green-haired girl glaring at me.
She looked like she was about to hit me, but someone, whom I presume to be her sister, was desperately keeping her at bay.

They look like residents of this village and probably came to complain when they heard I had laid my hands on the Demon Forest.

The girl named Aria was chasing them from behind.

I turn towards them and lower my head.

“My bad.
I didn’t know it was the Demon Forest.”
“You think not knowing is an excuse? What will you do when monsters attack us??”
“I’ll defeat all of them, so please forgive me.”

When I say that, the girl called Reno lost all words.
I look up to see her looking back at me, shocked.

I thought my words were pretty clear, so I wonder where I lost her.

“You claim you can defeat the monsters, but how will you do that? Even if you were an expert of archery, stopping powerful monsters with arrows is not possible.”
“Really? I think it depends on how you do it.”
“What does someone like you, who looks like he’s never fought monsters before–“


While we were arguing, we hear a cry from the Demon Forest.

Looking over there, we see more than ten wolf-shaped monsters running straight toward us.
I can’t tell clearly because of the distance, but they seemed only as big as mid-sized dogs.

Well, with those numbers, a human wouldn’t last a second even if it’s mid-sized.


Aria mutters.
It seems those monsters are called greywolves.

“W-we have to run.”

The girl called Reno pulls on the clothes of the girl who seems to be her sister.
But the sister herself seemed to have lost power in her legs, and was sitting still on the ground.

I don’t think monsters of that level are that scary though.

“Hey, what are you doing without arrows…”
“[Wind Arrow] [Wind Blade]”

I point the magic arrow at the pack of greywolves and release it.

The arrow flies in a straight line and pierces one of the graywolves.
Immediately after, countless wind blades scatter in all directions with the arrow as origin, and defeat the rest of the pack.

Only magic stones, which were once greywolves, are what remain.


I heard a loud voice from behind, the same time as I lower my bow.

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