Let’s Learn Magic! ④

I ran away from there.
I wanted to go somewhere faraway, but since this village is surrounded by Lain’s moat, I couldn’t go far.

I sat at the edge of the moat, and recall the events up until now.

I was born into a Count family.
My house was a martial house well known throughout the kingdom for raising several famous magicians.

I was also touching magic tools, and learning magic since I was small.

However, I could never activate magic considered the simplest of the simplest- [Body Strengthening].
Despite being capable of using magic tools, I passed the age of 10 and moved on till 15 without being able to do it.

Finally, The previous year came.
I was banished by my father as soon as I turned 15.

Fortunately, I was picked up by my aunt who was a Margrave, as well as the lord of this area, and managed to become the village head of this pioneering village.
There was hindrance from my parents, and it seems this was all she could do.

Usually, the village head is chosen from a commoner.
Even so, there were few who would want to head a village which wasn’t even built yet.
On the contrary, most depart this world along with their villages within a few years.
My father must have agreed to it, knowing that.

Fortunately, the Margrave who governed the land, including this pioneering village, sympathized with my situation and gave me lots of support.
However, the reality of being exiled,
The brand of being a disqualified magician weighed heavily on me.

(To think, it was all because I was taught incorrectly)

As I was looking down, someone touches my shoulder.

“Can I, sit next to you?”

When I nod, Kili sits right beside me.

“…I’m sorry, Aria.”
“…Why does Kili have to apologize?”
“Because this wouldn’t have happened if Reno hadn’t brought up wanting to be taught magic.”
“…It isn’t Reno’s fault.”

Truthfully, Reno had done nothing wrong.

“Would you like to use this?”

What Kili then takes out, is the magic tool used by Reno and the others yesterday.
I touch the magic tool, terrified, and try injecting magical power into it.

Fire: 1
Wind: 0
Water: 0
Earth: 1

Light: 0
Dark: 0
Void: 0

As expected, I had 0 next to void attribute.

“What will you do? Learn magic from Lain, and return to your home?”

Kili looks at me worriedly.
These girls had lost their parents, and if they lose the village, they won’t have a place to go.
They’ll be troubled if I was gone.

“No, I won’t be leaving this village.”
“Really? We’d support your decision though?”

I stood up, looked straight up at Kili, who looked sad but still worried about me, and declared-

Right now, I want to become a much better magician than anyone in my family, and get back at them!”

I’ll become a great magician, and get back at those who kicked me out.
These are my honest feelings now.


Teach me magic too!”

The returned Aria, had a bright face which looked free of doubts.
Moreover, she immediately asked me to teach her magic.

“Oh? Ohh, yeah sure.”

I already intended to teach Aria magic, so I had no reason to decline.

According to what I heard from Milia, Aria has had an unfortunate history related to magic.
The doubts about her history must have been cleared now.

Milia and Kili look over the enthusiastic Aria, who was already at the table, with smiles.
I don’t really get it, but I guess this is fine.

“Then, can you tell me your magic attributes?”
“1 in fire and earth.”
“Hmm, I wonder if [Ignition] would be best suited for you then…”
The magic of lighting fire.
Let me show you.”

Saying so, I put paper I didn’t need inside a cup.
Aria comes next to me and peaks into it.


As I use magic, the paper inside the cup catches fire, and burns out in an instant.

“It can only burn flammable things, but I think straw will easily burn.”
“No way, that’s so convenient.”

Kili says so in a shaky voice.
Well, there couldn’t be magic tools to start a fire in a pioneering village, so they must be using flint to do so.
With this magic, life becomes very convenient.

“If Kili learns to use magic, then something like [Ignition] will be child’s play.”

“Really!? That means I have to practice a lot.”

Saying that, Kili takes her magic tool and begins practicing seriously.

“I didn’t know there was a sect that could use this kind of magic.”
“Sect? Ah, do you mean magical sect?”

Milia says that all of a sudden, so I was at a loss for a moment.
There are various sects in modern magic, and each is said to use different magic.

“Well, it’s magic I learned from books about old magician civillizations.”
“!! Lain-san is an ancient magic wielder?”

Milia looks at me with a frightened expression.
Aria also looks at me, surprised.

“Well, to keep it simple, yes I am.”
“Hm? But didn’t Lain use [Wind Blade] earlier? Isn’t that from the modern era?”

Aria asks so.
Sui and Kili are also looking at me with interest.
Only Reno was desperately struggling with her magic tool alone.

Well, I suppose I should talk about principles from time to time.

“Actually, modern magic and ancient magic, are the same thing.”
“No way.”
“Yes way.
The spell books of ancient civilizations contain spells from modern era.
In fact, the only magic that is used today, is from old magic books which were written down with proper enough details.”

I started talking about the theory of magic.

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