“Ah, there you guys are.”

As we look up at the newly built fortress with widened eyes, Lain sticks his face out its 2nd floor window.

“L-Lain, what is all this?”
“Well obviously, it’s a house made from magic.
Also, the first floor has the same floor plan as that house.”

I didn’t understand a word of what he said.
Built with magic? A house?

“There’s no way you could-“
“Ooh! It really is the same as where we lived!”
“Have to, bring table.”

Reno and Sui enter the house while I’m having a conversation with Rain.

“Ah! Reno, it could be dangerous!”
“It’s fine Kili-nee! Lain nii-chan made it after all.”
“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean…”

Despite Kili’s warning, Sui and Reno quickly enter the house.

“Ah, Reno…”
“…Well, we can’t do anything just by looking.
Let’s go inside as well.”

Milia says to Kili, who still seemed unsure, and walks into the house.

“But Milia, it’s made from magic, what will we do if it collapses?”
“We’ll complain to Lain at that time.
Though I think it’ll be fine precisely because it’s him.”

Milia leaves it at that, and enter the house.
Only Kili and I were left outside.

“…Spacing out here won’t change anything.
We should go in as well.”
“Eeh? But, Aria!”
“Stay outside if you don’t want to.
I’ll call you later if it seems fine.”

I steel myself, and walk inside the house.

“W-wait for me! I’m coming too!”

Kili follows after me and enters as well.

The room we walk into right as we enter, was the same as the dining room of our house.
The table we always used for serving food, or practicing magic wasn’t there so it felt wider than usual, but size wise, I think the stove and the door we used were about this much only.

“It’s just like our home…”

Kili muttered from behind me.
It seems that we shared the same opinion.

“Oh, you two decided to come in, huh.”

“Ah, Lain.”

The door in the back opens, and Lain comes out from its other side.

“Those three have already looked around most of the place.”
“Wait, Lain!”

I stop Lain who was trying to head back, with a single sentence.

“Just what is this place?”
“Like I said before, it’s a house made from magic.”

Hearing his nonchalant answer, I ask him what worried me the most.

“Magic, meaning… this house is going to disappear, right?”
“Ah, so that’s what scared you.
Don’t worry, I’ve made it a stable stone house so it will never disappear.
Reno’s dirt or Sui’s water haven’t disappeared either right?”
“That’s true…”

I never thought something like this could be made with magic.

“Well, soon enough Reno and Kili would be able to do the same.”
“Eh!? Me too?”

Kili yells in surprise as the conversation turns towards her.

I don’t blame her.

Erecting houses, was something done only by witches in stories.
It would be shocking to hear that you could do it yourself.

“Lain nii-chan! This house is amazing!”
“Nice view.”

Reno and Sui come out from behind Lain with enthusiastic faces.

“Ah! Kili-nee, come here! There’s something amazing!”
“Aria also, follow me.”
“Eh? What is it?”
“Wait, don’t pull on me!”

As we get pulled by them towards the back, we find a staircase at the end of the corridor.

“Over here!”
“Okay, but we’ll fall so don’t pull me so hard.”

It seems what the two wanted to show us was on the upper floor.
But it’s dangerous to climb stairs while being pulled at.
If we fall, it might not end with just a few scratches.

“Then, keep walking behind us.”

Reno and Sui let go of our hands and continue climbing the stairs.

We followed after them.

The second floor was built entirely as an atrium.

“It’s huge.”

There were pillars here and there, but it was a room with no walls, which combined both the boys’ and the girls’ room, as well as the dining area.

“I was thinking we could practice magic here from now on, since it’s often better to have more space.”

Lain says so from behind us, having walked up the stairs.
Certainly, the stones being exposed reminded me of the training room in my parents’ house.

“Hmm? Where’s Reno?”
“Now that you mention it, Sui isn’t here either.
Milia as well.”

We couldn’t find the two who had gotten here before us.
As we were looking around, Reno and Sui’s heads pop out of the ceiling.

“Both of you come quickly! There’s a really nice view here.”
“Come, here.”

Looking closely, the ceiling had a hole, under which a ladder was placed.
I wondered if we could go even higher using it.

The two wanted to show us what was above the ladder.

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