First half is Milia POV


Just what was Lain saying?

“Well, for now let’s try out one thing.
Milia, do you know why wounds stop bleeding?”
“Eh? No, I’m afraid not.”

Lain asks me something, while I was stumped.
Why does bleeding stop? How is that related to anything right now?

“Then let me explain.
Blood has an element which hardens as soon as it comes in contact with air, called ‘platelet’.
So when blood exits a wound, it forms a scab which prevents more blood from leaking.”
“I, I see.”

I remembered how a knight got injured during a training, and his wound had scabbed by the next day.
So that’s how a wound heals.
I didn’t know this before, but is this related to our conversation?

“Then keeping that in mind, use your magic to heal this wound by imagining a scab forming on it.”

“U, understood.”

Once again, I use healing magic on the wound.
‘The platelets harden, and the wound turns into a scab…’


The magic activates, and when the light disappeared, the wound was blocked.
It had actually become a scab.

“No way.”
“See? Just like I said right? As you keep learning about how wounds heal, you’ll get more proficient with healing magic.
Though, keeping in mind the amount of magical power consumed, I think it’ll be better to use other magical techniques depending on the wound…”

Lain was saying something, but it didn’t enter my ear at all.

“B-but, [Io]-san could perform [Heal] even without this knowledge!”
“Io-san? Who’s that?”
“A commoner who went to the school as I, by means of scholarship.”
If you’re a commoner, you could have gotten injured many times.
Even if your body unconsciously learns the mechanism by healing your own wounds, [Heal] would work properly.”

“Such a simple thing…”

Such a simple thing, caused me to get expelled from the royal capital?

“Hey, Milia!?”

Before I knew it, I was shedding tears.

“I-I’m sorry.”

I tried my hardest, but the tears kept coming, and coming, and never stopped.


I began panicking, when Milia suddenly burst into tears.
Her explanation between sobs didn’t help much, but from what I made out, Milia had her betrothed stolen by the girl who could use [Heal], and subsequently fell into a trap which got her exiled from the royal capital.

She was originally an aristocrat, but she lost her status the moment she fell into the trap.
The reason why she was in this village, was because she’d gotten exiled.
I felt like I saw the darkness of feudal society.

Kili looked after Milia until she settled down, and the two went out of the dining room.

“Well, leaving aside whether Milia will take up a healing role, is there any problem in the roles I’ve given you three?”
“Yes! Question, Lain nii-chan!”
“Yes private Reno, ask away!”

When Reno raises her hand to ask something, I respond like an instructor.
Reno then rises up energetically.

“I somehow get what a healer is, but what do the other roles do?”
I hadn’t explained that yet.”

By the way, this formation is an old formation used by adventurers from an ancient civilization.
I’m not sure if it’s used in modern magic.

Before that, Reno and Sui haven’t even studied modern magic.
No wonder they have no clue about it.

“Firstly, the scout I chose for Reno.
This is primarily for reconnaissance, attack, and tracking.
You explore the terrain around you, locate your enemies, strike them first, and chase the ones who escape.
There’s a lot for you to do.”
“Ooh! That sounds cool.”
“However, you need to be smart, so you’ll have to study properly, alright?”
“Uuh, got it.”

Hearing the word ‘study’, Reno makes an unpleasant face, but since scouts are often isolated, they have to make proper judgements on their own, so studying is essential.
It may be a bit tough, but she’s been able to practice magic while sitting patiently so far, so it’s not impossible.

“Next is vanguard but, it’s basically going out front and attacking using sword and magic.
You have to be capable of a lot of things since your role is direct attack, and since you’ll also be attacked by the enemy, you’ll need a strong will.
Though I believe Aria has that covered.”
“Yeah, sounds about right.”

Aria didn’t seem surprised.
She seems to have liked the part about having a strong will.

“The rearguard has the role of attacking enemies, using magic.
Under the premise that the vanguard will protect it, the rearguard can sweep the enemies using large-scale magic, so they’ll have to place importance to increasing their magical capacity.”

None of them seem to have complaints.
In that case, we can begin their training.

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