Opening my eyes I see the ball flying around and I hear a squeeky voice, ”You have finally made it. I thought you would have figured everything out already. Hell, I thought you would have lost your virginity by now. Why didn you take any hints from all of your clients? Are you that dense? ”

”Can you shut up? Who are you? Where the hell are we, you are that floating ball? ”

”My name is Yang and nice to meet you finally. You really need to thank your Aunt some more, because I didn think you would ever have sex. Do you know how many of your clients want to ** you at your work? DONT SPEAK!! ALL OF THEM!! Why would all those ladies who are stronger than you want you to help them workout? DONT TALK!! Okay, now just listen. ”

”My name is Yang and Im your spirit. You don have to wait till later as you wouldn ever make it there without me. You get stronger by getting female essence, or their Yang as some might say. Now for the best part, you can contain mana. You can only use me to get stronger. PUT YOUR HAND DOWN!!!!! Your body can contain a large amount of mana like everyone else does. You can use mana thats around you easier than anyone else. You will collect essence from women and sell it to me. You will see a screen show up when you wake up. Consider it a system if you will. It will have a few options to select from. Shop, status, skills and inventory for now. When you advance levels more options will become available. You can only use the store bought items till you reach level 3 but that will be faster than you imagine. You need currency to buy anything from the store and that requires essence. Do you see where this is going? ”

”Yes I th.. ”

”DONT TALK, JUST BE QUIET!!! Now as I was saying. This is what you will get.

Falatio -50 PO. -FO

Vaginal Sex -100 PO. -VO

Anal Sex – 200 PO. -AO


Virginity 5x (last for 2 hours) (either door)

Woman has boyfriend 1.5x

Woman is engaged 2.0x

Woman is married 4.0x

For each level above your level you will add a .50 multiplier.

Just want you to know that PO is per orgasm. Not yours either, its based on what you receive, not what you give.

Your Aunt gave 16250 essence but we will call your currency ep for essence points. She is still married so she gave you quite the bonus. Married and 2 levels above you, making it a 5 time multiplier.

3 FO, 13 VO and 9 AO. Im not going to keep a record for you but Im letting you know whats going on this time. You can look at the store later when you wake up. Now for your levels.

Level 2 -10000

Level 3 -50000

Level 4 -100000

Level 5 -250000

Level 6 -500000

Level 7 -1000000

Level 8 -2000000

Level 9 -5000000

”This is the total not what you will need to spend. After Each level up your total is reset to 0. You will keep the balance in your store account. While the lower levels may go fast, the higher ones will have to grind away and may take a while longer. Find yourself a virgin level 9 to get a massive bonus. ”

”Skills and abilities bought from the store will have the knowledge implanted in your mind. You may occasionally experience headaches till you get used to it. You have already reached level two. Another day or two with her and you will reach level 3. You need to wake up and check out the store. At the lower levels the skills and abilities aren meant for combat but meant for helping you get EP. NOW BEGONE!! ”

The next moment I was in my bed and Deb was on top of me passed out drooling on my chest. I noticed a small blue square in the corner of my vision. I thought about the status and watched a transparent screen pop up. I saw the four tabs. Status, skills, inventory and shop. I looked at the my stats and it read


Level 2

I clicked on the skills tab and thats empty. The inventory tab had 30 boxes all empty. I clicked on the shop tab and my eyes glittered.

Skills (passive)

Abilities (Activated)


Meds & Misc

I clicked on the skills tab,

Eyes of lust -10000 EP

Two part skill, makes users eyes attractive to the opposite sex. Allows the user to see the status of the living being the user looks at. Prolonged eye contact will increase targets arousal

Massage Master -2000 EP

-Knowledge of anatomy and skill to make the victim, um customer, more relaxed. Loosening muscles and fixing injuries, hidden benefits for the recipient

Sexual knowledge -100 EP


Tongue of legends -1000 Ep

The owner of this tongue will be told of in stories eons from now

Kung Fu -2000 Ep

Lost hand to hand combat style, can be used with weapons while and meditation

Inspect -500 EP

Allows users to inspect items to see the stats of item or creatures

Immunity -500 EP

Makes user immune to poisons and diseases (recommended)

Mana magnet -30000 EP

Makes user attract mana like a goblin after a virgin (highly recommend since users body can store mana)

Survival 101 -1000 EP

Knowledge on the wilderness and how to not only survive but thrive

Marksman 101 -2000 EP

Gives user the ability to calculate velocity and trajectory of any projectile

Elements -1000 EP (each)

gives the user a higher resistance to the purchased mana affinity. User will need to buy spells from the ability section of the store to use the affinities.






Godly Essence -500 EP

Make your essence a one all cute all (mostly). Great tonic for your partner that can help boost the partners cultivation. The higher your cultivation, the bigger the boost you give.

This was awesome, I can wait to get stronger. I selected the ability tab to see what they offer here.

-Reach level 3 before any items become available

Well that sucks, now lets check weapons tab

-Reach level 3 before any items become available

What the **. Lets check the meds and misc tab

Please note all meds sold from store only work on persons who have donated essence to host

Healing potion -50 EP

Is the body warm? Did they misplace a limb? Just pour it down their hatch

Mana Potion -50 EP

Aww poor baby ran out of mana? Pour this down their hatch and they will be shitting mana for days

Defensive potion -50 EP

Awww poor thing is scared of boo boos? Pour this down the hatch to become nearly indestructible (limited one use per week, second tries will have no effect. Last one hour)

Power potion -50 EP

Little baby not strong enough to play? Pour this down the hatch to double your power for an hour. (Once per week only, second use will have no effect)

Level up for more items to be unlocked in this tab


-Reach level 3 before any items become available

Well it looks like the skills tab is the only real option. Lets see what will be useful the fastest.

Sexual knowledge, Godly essence, Tongue of legends, Immunity, Massage Master, and I guess the eyes. I paid for the skills and then I really paid for it. All of that knowledge crammed into my head at once. Only buying skills one at a time from now on. The stabbing pain lasted for a minute. Your head is being shaken and your brain has become scrambled eggs, lasted a while longer.

Finally opening my eyes I noticed a light purple glow around Deb. When I thought what was going on the system popped up again

Eyes of lust

-Glows -Gives the general feeling of the user toward the host. Colors can be combined, with enough practice the host can separate colors.

Blue – is very happy with host

Pink – is in love with host

White – is indifferent to host

Red – wants to ** the host

Yellow – is horny in general

Black with white lines- wants to harm the host.

Nice!!! Is all I could think. This is such a strong cheat. I looked at Deb again and from what I could tell. She is happy and I love with me and still **ing horny even in her sleep. Looking at the time, I still have two hours before I have to be at work. I slid out from under Deb who was still out cold and climbed behind her. I grabbed her hips and pulled her ass up in the air. I saw my cum flow out of her once her ass was up. I lined up my dick and shoved it in her.

”Fuck!!!! ”

Was all she screamed before I started thrusting in her hard and fast. She started moaning after the third thrust. My hands roamed her body with my new knowledge and ran across different parts of her body creating different reactions. Some gave no reaction and others caused her to cum. She came at least 4 times before I came. I wish I had this knowledge earlier, I could have tripled my EP. Pulling out I put the tip in her ass and shoved it all in. I did this for the next hour. Wailing and moaning was all Deb could do. I never left her puckered starfish the rest of the hour. I needed points and she came just as much from her back door than the front.

After my last nut inside my lovely Aunt Deb I went to take a shower. Looking at Deb over my shoulder, her ass was glowing red. Her glow now was a pinkish blue color which made me grow a smile from ear to ear.

I showered and headed back to my room and saw Deb meditating. She had my fluids all over her chest and in her hair. Her big tits slowly raised and lowered as she was in deep meditation. I dressed and left the room, locking the door on the way out. I grabbed some food out of the fridge and left for the Y. As I walked there, I saw everyone with a glow. Nearly everyone had a white glow, a few ladies who he knew waved at him had a red glow which caused him to smile at them. These were some of the hottest milfs he knew and with this new knowledge, he would capitalize on this.

I noticed even the animals had these ”auras ” around them. This was amazing if everything had this aura as even rats hiding in bushes glowed. It showed up on every living thing. I had thought it was only for women, but men and animals alike had the glow(like Bruce leeroy but not bad ass).

I arrived at the Y and walking in I spotted Brittany, my boss at the front desk with customers. Nothing can bring a smile to your face like a glowing red hot boss. Brittany was a redhead with bright blue eyes. She was a partial owner of this Y but the kicker is Brittany was a level 6 fire magician who was one of the star members in the Spurs Guild that my mom worked at.

Getting to the employee locker room, I changed and headed to the weight room to wait on my first client. Her name was Mrs Johnson. She has been my client for a few months now, twice a week she would workout and then I would give her a light massage each time. I had 20 minutes before she showed up so I checked my system. I had 2150 EP left after buying the skills but now Im at 17450. I started to buy each element, one at a time. No pain came from the elements, my body felt slightly different but in a good way. I then bought the other skills one at a time. Kung Fu, survival, Inspect, Marksman and that my total down to 1950. Easy cum easy go I guess. Im less than halfway to three 21750/50000.

After the spending spree I was only left with mana magnet skill remaining. I left for the front desk. Seeing Brittany I waved and walked up to her.

”Hows your day going Brittany? ”

”Good afternoon Vince, its been busy. I updated your schedule as you got a few more reservations. You have become popular lately, what is your secret? ” She eyed my crotch which the news of it somehow had been spread around, that I was hung. Her aura has become bright red.

”Well unfortunately that isn the reason. ” I laughed which made her blush. ”Its my magic fingers and the massage I have been giving after the workouts. ”

”Hmmm can I get one of them? ”

”How about after my shift ends I give you my signature massage free of charge. ” I said and winked at her.

”Oh wow, free of charge? You
e so kind. ” She was laughing now. ”But I will take you up on that, meet me out here after our shift is over. ”

”Sure thing Boss. Ill try and save some energy for you. ”


I turned to see this older dark haired lady walking in her tights. ”Hey MRS. J. How are you feeling today? Ready for me to help you break a sweat? ”

I walked off with MRS J and waved back to Brittany as we headed to the gym. MRS J was in her 50s but looked like her 30s. Most magicians aged very well. She was a lvl 5 light mage who spent most of her time either at the hospital or occasionally making emergency trips to outposts for emergencies.

I helped her with workout for the first hour and the second hour I would give her a massage. Her red aura had only gotten darker during the workout. My hands were on her, helping her with the weights and her form of course. By the time I wiped the equipment down she was already in the sauna massage room. The increased heat and moisture helped with the users decompression.

She was laying face down on the massage table. Towel on the ground beside the table. Her big ass and shaved bits were on display to be seen. I have gotten used to this from Mrs J as she hits on me every time. I did the proper massage causing her to moan, either from feeling good or tempting me. The massage I gave this time was so much better since I had so much more knowledge about massaging. I wanted to see if I got any points from her orgasm without me doing one of the three categories.

With 10 minutes left on the massage I worked my way to her ass and started massaging her cheeks and pulling them apart. I had never touched her this way before.

”Oh Vince, this feels incredible, you should massage this area more honey, ”

”Sure thing Mrs J. ” I fondled her ass and worked it like making dough. Her pussy was leaking all over the table. As I ”massaged ” her I started running my fingers across her asshole and pussy. Eliciting moans when my fingers touched her wet lips or asshole. With only a few minutes left I just started rubbing the ridges of her sphincter causing her to push her ass in the air trying to get my finger in her. With a minute left on the clock I slide three oiled fingers in her back door, all the way to my knuckles. She nearly broke my fingers when she came. Her ass squeezed my fingers so hard as she screamed and came all over the massage table. The rooms are all soundproof so I wasn worried. Once her rectum decided to loosen up, I pumped my fingers in her for a moment. Getting Mrs J to make some moans that sounded like she was half asleep.

”My time is up Mrs J, will you be back in two days for your next workout? ” I sat down on the bench watching her just lay there.

”My god Vince, I really needed that. Next time we workout here the full two hours no questions, got me? ”

”Mrs J, just make sure to stretch before you get here. ” I stand up and smack her ass pretty hard.

”Oh god Vince Im going to break you, just you wait. ”

”Have a good evening Mrs J ”

I left her laying on the table mumbling. I went and showered and got some dry clothes on. The Y provided work clothes as they knew we would get dirty and sweaty and needed to be clean for the high end clients. I went to the front desk and chatted with some friends. We have 30 minutes to an hour between each client based on how long we were reserved. I spent the next 5 hours with 2 more customers and getting some EP from them as well. When my shift was finally over at midnight I headed back to the massage room that Brittany reserved for her massage.

4150 EP 23950/50000 lvl 2/3

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