Swiftpaw sat, licking his paw, unaware of the figure hiding behind him. Poor Swiftpaw. He had thorn stuck in his paw. And he was waiting for a long time for Flowerpedal to come back with Gingerpaw. ”Swiftpaw, ” mewed a tiny voice. Swiftpaw yowled, and turned around quickly. Oh, Berrykit. Swiftpaw sighed as he watched Berrykit laugh. When will his little kin learn? For the longest time, Swiftpaw feared that Berrykit would never become an apprentice. ”Can you teach me how to kill a cat, ” Berrykit asked. Swiftpaw slowly turned to Petalpaw. ”Hey Petalpaw, ” he mewed, ”can you teach little Berrykit here how to kill? ” Petalpaw began to stammer. ”Oh, how could I possibly train him? -snorts- I mean, hes your kin, right? Besides, I have to go on patrol with my mentor. ” ”No- ” Silvermist began to speak. But Petalpaw had shoved a mouse into her mouth before she could mew any other words. ”Nom! Nom! Yummy mouse! Hehe. ” Swiftpaws ears dropped. Really, he thought to himself. Swiftpaw flicked his tail at Berrykit, signaling for him to follow. Berrykit purred joyfully and padded behind Swiftpaw, as they walked out of camp.

”Okay. Show me what you know, ” meowed Swiftpaw. Without hesitation, Berrykit dashed forward and around Swiftpaw. Swiftpaw quickly rolled away as Berrykit leaped towards him. ”Not bad…, ” Swiftpaw meowed, ”for a kit. ” Berrykit purred. ”I hope that when I become an apprentice, you become my mentor! ” Swiftpaws eyes rounded. ”Im not sure thats how it works, ” he mewed. Tinycreek dashed out of camp, an orange tabby kit running behind him ”DIE, ” the kit screamed. Swiftpaws ears dropped. This was very embarassing for him. Especially since this made it hard for him to impress Petalpaw. ”Don worry Swiftpaw, ” Bubblepelt whispered, ”I think Blackfur is keeping me from impressing Foxtail. ” ”Foxdung, ” Swiftpaw hissed, ”You don notice how easy you have it, do you? ” Bubblepelt shook his head. ”Foxtail loves you, ” Swiftpaw meowed, ”all you have to do is go walk your tail over to her, and say it. ” ”Okay, ” Bubblepelt meowed. Swiftpaw watched Bubblepelt. Every twitch, every paw step. ”WHAT are you doing you STUPID furball, ” Swiftpaw hissed loudly. ”Um, Im going to talk to Foxtail like you asked me to, ” Bubblepelt replied. Swiftpaw twitched his tail, being quite annoyed. ”Shes RIGHT THERE! RIGHT THERE! Great Star Clan, Bubblepelt. You are the most flea-brained mentor in all of Thunder Clan history! ” Bubblepelts eyes narrowed. Swiftpaw whacked Bubblepelt and growled. ”Grow up. ” Bubblepelt nodded quickly, and went off. ”Try again, ” Foxtail meowed, ”Maybe youll have luck this time. ” Foxtail had been watching After claw hunt for hours. ”Hello Foxtail, ” Bubblepelt meowed. ”Hello Bubblepelt, ” Foxtail replied, then she meowed, ”I saw you arguing with Swiftpaw, what happened? ” Bubblepelt turned to Swiftpaw who was still watching him. Then to Foxtail. ”We had a disagreement, ” said Bubblepelt. ”Over what, ” Foxtail asked. Bubblepelt began to panic. Over what? Over what? Then he heard a tiny voice mew,

”Cobwebs! ” It was Gingerpaw! ”Y-y-yes! Um cob-webs. He thought he knew where they were. He thought they were mostly found in trees, but thats where you find SPIDER webs. ” Swiftpaws eyes slanted.

-face palm- ”Flea brain, ” Swiftpaw hissed quietly. ”So then, ” Bubblepelt continued, ”I told him that they were in caves! ” ”Actually, both of you are right, ” Gingerpaw commented. ”Oh. ” Bubblepelt stared Foxtail in the eyes and gulped. He knew if he made the wrong move, his apprentice would shame him for life. Hed for sure tell the story and embarrass him infront of his own kin. Foxtail turned back to Adderclaw, who had just caught a hawk and brought it to her. Foxtail, being proud of his catch, purred. ”Look, Bubblepelt, ” she meowed, ”Adderclaw has just caught a hawk! ” ”Heh heh, thats so great, ” said Bubblepelt, trying to force out a purr, ”Uh, well done Adderclaw. ” This was it. He had screwed it up. Bubblepelt walked back to Swiftpaw, preparing himself to face his shame. ”You told me Foxtail likes me, ” Bubbblepelt mewed. Swiftpaw licked his paw and wiped it over his ear. ”I did. But you gotta know, word travels fast. Even asumptions. But you also gotta know, that if you really like a she-cat, you can just let some tom take her heart before you do. ”

e right, Swiftpaw. ”

”I know I am. ”

”A hawk is nothing! ”

”Ok, now Bubblepelt, before you do something flea-brained– ”

”Im going to catch a SNAKE! And itll be a big one too! THANKS, SWIFTPAW! ”

Swiftpaw sighed. ”Great Star Clan. ” Swiftpaws Swiftpaws eyes rounded as he watched Bubblepelt run. This isn going to end well. But if being a flea-brain and going down to catch a snake would make him feel confident, so be it.

Later that day…

”Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the highrock for a clan–meeting. ” Yellowstar watched as Bubblepelt proudly brought a snake into the fresh kill pile with his tail lifted high. ”Ahem. I, Yellowstar, leader of Thunder Clan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these apprentices. They have trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as a warrior their turn. Swiftpaw and Daffodilpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend your Clan, even at the cost of your life? ” ”I do, ” meowed Daffodilpaw. ”I do, ” Swiftpaw purred. ”Then by the powers of Star Clan, I give you your warrior name. Daffodilpaw, from this moment you will be known as Daffodilfur. Star Clan honors your kindness, and your courage. Swiftpaw, from this moment you will be known as Swiftfoot. Star Clan honors your speed, and wisdom, and we welcome you as a full member of Thunder Clan. ” Berrykit leaped on to Swiftfoot and purred. ”You
e actually a warrior! Isn that great? ” ”It really is, ” Swiftfoot meowed, ”And hopefully one day you will become a warrior as well. ” Swiftfoot turned to Bubblepelt who was bragging to a few clan mates on how he caught the snake. Even Foxtail seemed impressed. ”Well, look whos struggling now, ” Swiftfoot murmured, then sighed, ” me. ” ”Don worry, Swiftfoot, ” Flamekit mewed, ”Berrykit and I will help you. ” Berrykit leaped off Swiftfoot and joins Flamekit. Swiftfoot went and crouched into a corner, preparing for the worst. His eyes slanted. There were so many ways this could go wrong. Do they even know how to talk to a she cat? Well, apparently so. Petalpaw was walking towards him with his brothers padding right next to her. ”I thought you liked Snowpaw, ” she meowed. Swiftfoot burst out laughing. ”Snowpaw? Oh no. She is horrible! ” Flamekit and Berrykit sat and listened to the two cats talk. Daffodilfur crouched next to them just to listen to the conversation herself. Berrykit gave a yawn. ”I know, ” Daffodilfur meowed, ”love is boring. ” Berrykit shook his head. ”Im tired, ” he mewed. Oh. Daffodilfur thought. She watched as Berrykits tired little legs slowly carried him to the nursery to rest. ”You seem so alone, young kit, ” said a tom voice. Berrykit opened his eyes to see a large dark brown tabby. He had amber eyes and his claws were long. ”If… if to you, alone means no friends, then, I am alone, ” Berrykit mewed. ”Oh no, ” the tom said, ”well thats not good. ” The big cat turned around, and the eyes of other cats glowed in the darkness of the forest. ”Allow me to introduce myself, ” the tom meowed, ”I am Tigerstar. I was once a great leader of Shadow Clan! ” Berrykits eyes filled with wonder. A former Clan leader! There could be so much that this leader could teach! ”Are you going to be my friend, ” Berrykit asked curiously. ”Why of course, ” said Tigerstar as he grinned at the kit. Berrykit smiled back. At last, he would finally have real friends.

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