”Pepper! When can we rest, ” Midnight complained, ”Im tired, and my paws hurt! ” ”Well rest once we find somewhere safe, ” Pepper meowed. ”But weve been up for days, ” said Midnight. Pepper nuzzled her sister and meowed, ”Keep your hopes up, sis. Maybe theres shelter somewhere nearby. We just don know yet. ” The two sisters had been climbing a mountain for hours. Their paws were sore and their bodies ached. They were starving from having not eating yesterday, or the night before. Pepper looked back and around. There was a strange scent. And she knew for sure it wasn Rocky. Midnight sniffed the air as well. They were not alone. Robinfeather, a young warrior, approached them and sniffed them carefully. ”You
e from horse place, ” she meowed, ”But what are you kits doing far from home? ” ”Well, ” Pepper began, ”my sister and I– ” ”We have to find our lost kin in the forest, ” Midnight blurted. Robinfeather twitched her ears in confusion. ”Your…kin? ” Midnight bounced. ”Yeah! And we
e going to find them! ” ”Of course, ” Robinfeather laughed sheepishly. ”TO THE CLAN OF THUNDER, ” Midnight blurted. Midnight began padding onward with her tail held high. ”Ahem. ” Midnight turned back. Robinfeather pointed her tail. ”The clan of thunder would be that way, ” she mewed. ”I knew that, ” Midnight meowed. A memory suddenly came to Robinfeather. ”WAIT, ” she yowled, ”you don want to go there! Theres kits that will eat your pelt! ” Pepper simply gave a flick of her tail and continued walking. Robinfeather sighed. This was not going to end well.

[A few more hours of walking latur…]

”PEPPER, ” Midnight groaned, ”I think we
e lost! ” Pepper looked around. Theres that tree again. They were going in circles! ”Pepper look, ” Midnight meowed joyfully, ”maybe that cat can help! ” ”Lets go ask, ” Pepper mewed. Both padded to the orange cat. ”Hello, ” Midnight mewed, ”Um, hello? Can you help us? We
e looking for Thunder Clan. ” Pepper looked at the cat. It was quite odd for a cat. its muzzle was long and narrow, and its ears and paws were black. The strange cat did not answer, but instead it turned and darted towards the two kits. ”Midnight, go hide, ” meowed Pepper. Midnight laughed. ”And miss my sister fighting?

I don think so. ” Pepper scoffed as she leaped on to the strange cat. But it was too strong and it threw her off. Another cat came. Grumbleeyes. She was old and thick-furred. But she still had fight in her. The old cat clawed at the strange ones face, making it it scream and run. ”We must go. ”But my sister–, ” Midnight began to mew. Grumbleeyes looked at Pepper who was knocked out against a tree. Grumbleeyes mumbled a few words beneath her breath then looked at Midnight. ”Very well. But I wouldn expect the others to be so welcoming. ” Grumbleeyes picked up Pepper and walked back to Thunder Clan with Midnight following after. When they arrived at Thunder Clan, Midnight stopped to adore the view while Grumbleeyes took her sister to the medicine den to be taken care of. ”Kits these days, ”she grumbled as she set the kit down, ”You were right Flowerpedal, I really should have stayed inside camp. ” Flowerpedal stared in shock as she looked at the poor kit lying on the ground. ”How could this happen, ” she mewed. ”It was a fox, ” meowed Grumbleeyes, ”Ill leave it to ya. ” Gingerpaw pricked her ears. ”Whats her problem? ” Flowerpedal just shook her head. ”No cat knows Gingerpaw. ” Meanwhile, Flamekit was glaring at Midnight with suspicion. ”Another pax. ” Flamekit darted towards Midnight. ”DIE PA–AHH! ” Swiftfoot had grabbed him just in time. ”Swiftfoot why did you do that, ” he hissed. ”Because she is young. Like you, ” Swiftfoot mewed. ”I AM NOT YOUNG, I AM BIG, ” Flamekit continued to hiss. Swiftfoot let out a chuckle. ”Yeah, yeah. Now go on and introduce yourself. ” Flamekit grumbled as he walked towards Midnight. ”Hello, ” he said through gritted teeth. Midnight turned her head left and right until she could see Flamekit. ”Oh…hello. ”

”Woah… ”

”Woah what? ”

e blind in one eye! ”

”Um, yeah, uh…can you guide me to my sister? ” Flamekit twitched his ear in confusion. ”Your sister? ” ”Yes, ” Midnight mewed, ”my sister. A grumpy old cat was carrying her. ” ”Haha! Oh yeah, I saw her. Grumbleeyes took her to the medicine den, ” Flamekit meowed, ”Sure, Ill take you there. ” Flamekit put his tail on

Midnights back, and with slow steps carefully led her to Flowerpedals den. ”By the way, Im Flamekit, ” he meowed. ”Im Midnight, ”Midnight mewed.

”Flowerpedal, ” Flamekit meowed excitedly, ”this is Midnight! She says her sister is in here! ” ”Midnight… ” Pepper murmured. Midnight quickly ran over to her sister who was laying in a moss bed with cobwebs covering her fur. ”Pepper, ” Midnight mewed, ”Im here. ” Pepper took a deep breath. ”I always told you this wasn a good idea. ” Midnight turned to look at Flowerpedal with a guilty look. Blackfur came into the medicine den with scratches all over. ”Don tell me, ” meowed Flowerpedal. ”Okay then, ” Blackfur meowed, ”I won . But what I will tell you is that I saw two kits wandering around on our territory! ” ”Do you see him, ” a she-cat voice whispered next to her. Midnight nodded slowly in response. ”He was my mate, ” the voice continued to whisper. Midnight looked beside her to see no one there, then she murmured, ”And this is important to me because why? ” Midnight listened for the voice, but there was no reply. ”Because I just got hurt by a so-called fox for one, ” Pepper meowed, ”And two, these cats are crazy! ” Midnight looked at Flamekit who was at the entrance grooming himself. ”They seem kinda nice to me, ” said Midnight. Midnight layed next to her sister and curled against her, only to jump away when she felt cobweb touch her fur. ”EWW, ” Midnight yowled, ”IS THAT A COBWEB? ” Pepper looked at her sister (UwU) and meowed. ”I told you they were weird. ” ”Its to stop the bleeding, ” Gingerpaw commented. Midnights ears perked. Pepper was bleeding? ”Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the highrock for a clan meeting. ” Flamekit gasped with excitement. ”Come on, Midnight! Watch me become an apprentice! ” ”Okay, ” Midnight mewed, ”Ill be back Pepper. ”

”Ive called you together for one of the most important moments in the life of a clan, Berrykit and Flamekit have reached their sixth moon, and its time for them to become apprentices. Berrykit, from this day until you receive your warrior name, you will be called Berrypaw. Flamekit, from this day until you receive your warrior name, you will be called Flamepaw. Starclan, I ask you guide these new apprentices. Set their paws on the path they must follow to become a warrior. ” Flamepaw shuffled his paws. He was excited and too impatient to wait for his mentor. ”Willowcry, ” Yellowstar meowed, ”You will be mentor to Flamepaw. ” Willowcry mewed as the whole clan turned to look at her. ”Ahem…you, Willowcry… are patient, and intelligent. I know you will pass these qualities on to Flamepaw…or at least attemt to. ” Willowcrys legs tremmored (tremmered?trem-ored?) ”I um… ” The clan continued to stare at Willowcry. ”Come on, Willowcry, ” said Yellowstar, ”not every cat is as patient as you are. ” ”Im not ready, ” Willowcry murmured. ”Yes you are, ” Yellowstar growled through gritted teeth, ”Now just get your tortie-self over here and touch your apprentices nose! How hard can it be? ” Willowcry slowly padded up in front of Flamepaw, and carefully touched his nose before trying to go back into the crowd. ”Stay there Willowcry, ” meowed Blackfur. Willowcrys ears dropped. ”And Viperfoot, you will be mentor to Berrypaw. You are courageous, and strong. I know you will pass these qualities on to Berrypaw. ” Viperfoot stepped up to Berrypaw, who was just as restless as Flamepaw, and touched noses. Midnight padded towards Berrypaw. ”Flamepaw? Will they change your name again? What will it be? And… ” Midnight burried her face into Berrypaws fur, and Berrypaw stood stiff. ”You smell like berries… ” A few cats around began to give mews of laughter. Midnight lifted her head and looked around. ”What, ”asked Midnight. ”Im not Flamepaw, ” Berrypaw stuttered. ”Then who are you, ” Midnight asked. ”Im Berrypaw. Flamepaw is my brother. ” ”And they are both different, please tell me how you made the mistake of getting them confused, ” Sandstorm growled. ”Sorry, ” Midnight mewed, ”….do you taste like berries too? ” ”By Star Clan if she does what I think shes going to do, ” murmured Silvermist. Midnight carefully licked Berrypaw on the muzzle, causing his face to turn red. ”You taste like mice, ” meowed Midnight. Berrypaw carefully pushed her away. ”I ate a mouse for breakfast. ” Viperfoot meowed, ”Lets go, Berrypaw. You have training. ” Berrypaw didn hesitate and he walked with his mentor out of camp. ”He probably rolled around in a few berry bushes, ” mewed Flamepaw. Midnights ears dropped in disappointment. ”Oh. ”

Berrypaw leaped towards his mentor. ”Did you see her, ” meowed Berrypaw, ”shes crazier than me! I mean, when have I ever sniffed another cat and told them that they smell good? I mean, Im pretty sure I have smelled some cats in the past, but at least I kept the comments to myself right? ” Viperfoot blinked. ”Right, ” he meowed, ”But lets not focus on that. ” Meanwhile, Willowcry was sitting with Flamepaw. ”What are we gonna learn today, ” asked Flamepaw. ”Well, ” Willowcry stuttered, ”We are going to learn about…about…hunting! Yes! Hunting! ” Flamepaw bounced with excitement. ”YAY! ” Willowcry smiled cheesily. ”So, um, first you should crouch….like this. ”Willowcry crouched to the ground. Watching Flamepaws every twitch, every paw step. While at the same time, Flamepaw was trying to copy her. Every twitch, every paw step. Willowcrys eyes widened in fear as Flamepaw was suspiciously behaving well. Willowcry looked around in the clearing foranything to move. ”Uh, do you see the moving in the grass, ” she asked quietly. Flamepaw nodded quickly. ”You have to sneak up on it…like this…j-j-just watch me. ” Willowcry moved slowly, crouching in the grass, and watching. Her tail twitched a few times, then she dashed and leaped forward. ”HEY, ” Adderclaw yowled, ”Watch where you hunt! Im not fresh-kill! ” ”ADDERCLAW IS A PAX, ” Flamepaw yowled. At that moment all who were in the clearing turned to look at Flamepaw. ”FINE! I ADMIT IT, ” Adderclaw yowled, ”I only pretended to be horrible at hunting so I could spend the day with Foxtail, because shes so beautiful! ” Swiftfoot turned to Bubblepelt and whacked him on the muzzle. ”How did you not see that? ” ”I don know, ” replied Bubblepelt, ”But Im– ” ”You
e going to sit you
e tail here before you do something flea-brained, ” meowed Swiftfoot, ”Allow me. ” Swiftfoot slowly padded towards Adderclaw with his tail high, then he meowed with a greeting. ”Good evening Adderclaw. ” ”Swiftfoot? How are you my good friend? ” ”Same, same. You were a little loud. My old mentor and I could have heard you from the River Clan border. ” Swiftfoot twitched his whisker before lifting his paw and whacking Adderclaw on the muzzle. ”Youve got competition. ” ”Do you really want to fight me…Swiftfoot, ” growled Adderclaw. ”Oh no, Im not looking for a fight at all. But Im sure Bubbles is. ” Adderclaw looked towards Bubblepelt whos eyes were slanted and tail was twitching angrily. ”Well, ” Adderclaw meowed, ”I do believe there is only one way to settle this. ” Swiftfoot buried his face in the ground and yelled. Between two flea-brains, this is not going to end well. Star Clan please don make me become as insane as my kin.

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