Moons go by and Yellowstar begins to feel very sick. Midnight continues to agitate Berrypaw by rubbing against his fur and leaving him frozen. However, she has been quite agitated herself with the voices constantly speaking to her.

Midnight was sound asleep in the nursery. Although it was daylight, she was still tired, as well as Goldenblazes kit. They had been up all night talking. They were very excited that they would become apprentices, and that Midnight and Pepper would officially be apart of the clan. They talked about who their mentor would be, what name Yellowstar would give to Midnight and Pepper…But their talking had woken up Leopardcall, and she hissed telling them to be silent so her kit, Breezekit, could sleep. Breezekit was born a couple of days ago. And it took hours for the queens to make him fall asleep. ”Midnight, ” said Hollyleaf quietly. Midnight twitched her ear. Ugh. What do they want now? ”Midnight, you must tell Yellowstar that she cannot do the apprentice ceremony today. ” Midnight sighed. ”Why? ” ”She is sick and dying. ” Midnight scoffed. ”Sure. ” Midnight got up and stretched, as always, leaving Pepper and Blossomkit stumped. With her tail dragging behind her, Midnight slowly walked up to the leaders den, then kicked a small rock to make her presence known. ”Come in, ” said Yellowstar in in a raspy voice. Midnight walked in slowly, flinching as her fur touched the side of the cave entrance. ”Midnight. Im so happy to see you. ” ”Im happy to hear you as well, ” mewed Midnight, ”You sound sick. Are you still going to announce our ceremony? ” Yellowstar coughed. ”Of course. ” Midnight purred. ”Yellowstar, what are you going to name me and my sister? ” Yellowstar chuckled. ”It wouldn be exciting now if I told you would it? ” Midnight slowly shook her head then slowly turned to leave. ”Oh, Midnight, ” Yellowstar began. Midnight stopped in her steps and twitched her ear. ”Can you search for Blackfur? I would like to speak to him, ” she meowed. ”Sure, ” Midnight mewed, then she continued to walk out of the den. Midnight knew she didn have to walk far. Blackfurs scent was close. But how close? ”Do you want me to walk you down, ” asked Blackfur. ”No. And Yellowstar needs to talk to you anyways. ” ”Oh, ok. ” Blackfur watched as Midnight walked down to greet her sister, before walking into the leaders den. ”You wanted to see me? ” ”Yes, I did. Sit down. ” Blackfur sat down and twitched his ear. ”As you know, I have been sick, but I have not been getting any better. I made a promise to the kits that I would make them an apprentice. And I uphold my promises to the end. If anything is to go wrong, I need you to apprentice them the next day as soon as you can. ” ”What will I name Midnight and Pepper? ” ”Midnight will be called Ravenpaw, and Pepper will be called Owlpaw. Their mentor will be who you choose. ” ”Understood. ”

Blackfur walked out of the den. He hoped nothing would go wrong. The little kits looks so excited and could never stop talking about it for a second. Bubblepelt stood next to Blackfur. ”Do you ever think…Pepper acts a lot like your mate. And Midnight, she looks like you…just half blind. ” Blackfur stared. Pepper sure did have the eyes. And she really was bossy too. Yellowstar walked out onto high rock and sighed. Here goes nothing, she thought to herself. ”Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the high rock for a clan meeting. ” The cats gathered around, Goldenblaze had to drag Midnight and Blossomkit out because they were too excited. Yellowstar took a deep breath, and meowed. ”Ive called you together for one of the most important moments in the life of a clan. Blossomkit, Midnight and Pepper have reached their sixth moon, and its time for them to become apprentices. Midnight and Pepper will also be receiving their clan name as I have promised. Blossomkit, from this day until you receive your warrior name, you will be called…you will be called… ” Blossomkit twitched her whiskers eager to hear Yellowstar call her Blossompaw. But then suddenly, Yellowstar fell off high rock! Midnight and Pepper gasped. ”Wait, ” Blossomkit mewed, ”Shes going to come back to life! She had one life left! ” ”And she just used it, ” Swiftfoot meowed, ”She has no more lives left. ” The clan murmured among themselves. Shes such a good leader. A wise leader. She was loved, and admired by the other clans. So how did she lose eight of her lives? Everyone waited for hours. But their beloved Yellowstar did not wake. The warriors and queens turned to Blackfur. He must be the leader now. Blackfur hesitated. ”Let us take a moment to acknowledge this. We will hold Yellowstars mourning ceremony at sun down so that I may also mourn her before I leave to receive my nine lives. ” Midnight padded up to Yellowstar, and Berrypaw, next to Midnight. ”They said this would happen…, ” Midnight mewed, ”I didn believe her. ” Berrypaw looked at Midnight. ”Didn believe who, ” he asked. ”The voice, ” Midnight replied silently. A single tear fell down Midnights cheek. She should have listened. But then of course, Yellowstar herself would not have listened. Kits and their big imagination, theyd say. Midnight walked off to a quiet area where she could talk to the voices in silence. ”ARE YOU CRAZY? WHY ARE TELLING THIS MOUSE DUNG NEWS TO A KIT WHEN YOU OBVIOUSLY SHOULD KNOW THAT NO ONE WILL BELIEVE ME? ” There was silence. A gentle wind blew on her fluffy pelt. ”DO YOU HEAR ME? ” ”Anycat could hear you being how loud you are, ” said Leopardstar. Midnight growled. ”Next time you tell some cat that the leader is going to die, you should tell Flowerpedal or Gingerpaw. ” Midnight turned around to go back. She walked back into camp, to be greeted by Blossomkit and her sister. ”Where did you go, ” asked Pepper. ”I was just…hiding, ” Midnight replied quietly. Blossomkit and Pepper came close to Midnight and tried to comfort her. ”Don worry Midnight, ” Blossomkit mewed, ”Its ok to cry. If it makes you feel better, Pepper cried too. ” Midnight gave a small smile. That did make her feel a little better. The girls watched as Berrypaw walked by elegantly. ”Viperfoot sure has taught him manners, ” whispered Pepper. ”Hes supposed to learn fighting tactics too, ” whispered Blossomkit. ”But every time I go by him and his mentor, they
e doing everything but, ” Midnight hissed quietly. Berrypaw looked their way, and the girls ducked behind the bushes. Surely he didn see them. Blossomkit and Midnight squealed. ”SHH, ” Pepper hissed silently. Berrypaw smiled. He knew they were there. But he pretended not to know. And so he continued to walk on. Pepper whacked Midnight and Blossomkit on the head. ”You flea brains! ” Midnight rubbed her head. ”Ow… ” ”He could have heard us! ” Later that morning, Midnight went to visit Flowerpedal. Flowerpedal was feeling very down. ”Hello Flowerpedal, ” Midnight mewed. ”Hello dear, ” Flowerpedal meowed. ”Flowerpedal, ” Midnight mewed, ”who is this cat? Ive never seen him in the clan before. ” Flowerpedal turned to Midnight who was staring at the herbs ”Theres no cat there dear, ” meowed Flowerpedal, ”There IS, however, a bunch of herbs that really need sorting. ” ”Midnight looked at Flowerpedal. ”You don see him? Hes right there! And Hes glaring at the herbs! ” ”Very funny Midnight. ” Silence in the medical den. All that could be heard was the talking among other cats. ”He says he doesn like the mess, ” mewed Midnight. Flowerpedal looked at Midnight then meowed, ”Midnight, you need to stop playing. These times are very serious. ” ”He looks serious too. Very serious for that matter. ” ”Midnight, look. Look at me. ” Midnight looked at Flowerpedal. ”Im gonna need you to take yourself, and your imaginary friend back to the nursery, ” she meowed. Midnight flattned her ears and flinched, almost as if she had been yelled at. ”Sure. ” Midnight slowly walked out of the medical den. She was actually happy to get out of there. This ”Jayfeather ” was busy yelling at Flowerpedal. And he was louder than Ivy in the morning trying to wake up Pepper. Midnight sat by the deceased leader and buried her nose into her fur. Midnight was going to miss Yellowstar. ”Thank you, ” Midnight whispered. Midnight suddenly felt a sense of comfort. And a voice sounding much like Yellowstars whispered back, ”You
e welcome, Midnight. ” Was she dreaming? She had to be. Yellowstar was lying there dead right in front of her. How is it possible? This can be possible! Midnight ran into the nursery. She curled her tail around her nose, and cried herself to sleep. A few minutes later, Pepper and Blossomkit joined her by her side to keep her company. This was very sad day for all of Thunder Clan.

The girls woke up to cats hissing. ”This was your fault! You killed Yellowstar! ” ”Why would somecat want to kill Yellowstar, ” asked Pepper quietly. Midnight shrugged and yawned Well now I know it wasn a dream, she thought to herself. ”Hey Blossomkit, how did you know that Yellowstar had one life left, ” asked Midnight. ”Uhh, I don know. I overheard her talking to Blackfur about it. Suddenly, there was a loud yowl. The girls perked their ears. Were they about to fight? They could fight too. They were technically old enough. They were six moons old. Blossomkit peeked her head out of the nursery to see what all the fuss was about. Her eyes rounded and her whiskers twitched. Blossomkit motioned with her tail for Midnight and Pepper to come closer, and they too, peeked out of the nursery. Cats hissed and growled, claws were unsheathed. There was no doubt that these cats were about to fight. Flamepaw dashed at one of the cats. ”DIIIEE, ” he screamed. Swiftfoot quickly grabbed Flamepaw by the scruff. ”Now is not the time. ” But then suddenly, a cat attacked Swiftfoot from the side and pinned him to the ground, throwing Swiftfoot off guard. Flamepaw leaped on top of the cat in hopes of defeating her, but he wasn strong enough yet. And she had thrown him off. Flowerpedal gasped as she saw what was going on. Swiftfoot took this chance to claw the cat from underneath. The cat yowled in pain. Berrypaw came out of the apprentice den. He, too, was taking a nap. Berrypaw again saw Blossomkit, Midnight and Pepper. He saw them with their heads peeking out of the nursery and he glared. Berrypaw lounged at the cat. He dug his claws into the cats sides, and bit her neck. The cat released Swiftfoot, turning around to fight Berrypaw. But Swiftfoot wasn free yet. Two other cats leaped on top of him, leading to other Thunder Clan cats leaping on top of them. Leopardcall dragged the three further back into the nursery. She stood infront of them. Her teeth bared, her tail lashed violently, and her claws unsheathed. She was going to protect these kits.

Even at the cost of her life.

With all his strength, Swiftfoot threw the cats off his back. Swiftfoot was now covered in claw marks from head to tail. He yowled loudly as the same cat pinned him down again, but jabbed her claws deeply into his pelt, and bit into his neck. The cat grinned as he left Swiftfoot lying on the ”They should not have done this, ” Berrypaw mumbled. ”Oh no they shouldn have. And we can just sit here mourn him. We must kill them, ” said Mapleshade. ”I will, ” growled Berrypaw, ”Ill kill them all. ” Berrypaw yowled loudly as he darted towards the ONE cat that killed his kin. He jumped on top, biting into her neck, and clawing at her eyes until she was blind. He jumped onto another cat, who had been fighting his brother, pinning him down and clawing deeply at their stomach. Meanwhile in the nursery, another cat was prowling inside. The queens and other she-cats quickly formed a protective barrier around the kits and began to growl and hiss. The cat lounged at them, trying to ground. Berrypaw quickly ran to Swiftfoot. ”Swiftfoot, you gotta get up, ” he meowed, ”Please! GET UP! ” Swiftfoot forced himself to speak. He was very weak. ”You don always need me Berrypaw. ” Tears started rolling down Berrypaws face. ”But I do! And everyone needs you too! The whole clan will be so flea-brained without you! ” Swiftfoot chuckled. ”The clan doesn need my wisdom. But they do need you to protect them. ” Swiftfoot breathed his last breath. And Berrypaw stared with grief, his heart burned and his eyes filled with rage. Mapleshade looked upon the apprentice, who had stopped in battle to mourn Swiftfoot. ”Oh, you poor little warrior…they were so cruel. So wrong, ” she meowed sympathetically. ”They should not have done this, ” Berrypaw mumbled. ”Oh no they shouldn have. And we can just sit here mourn him. We must kill them, ” said Mapleshade. ”I will, ” growled Berrypaw, ”Ill kill them all. ” Berrypaw yowled loudly as he darted towards the ONE cat that killed his kin. He jumped on top, biting into her neck, and clawing at her eyes until she was blind. He jumped onto another cat, who had been fighting his brother, pinning him down and clawing deeply at their stomach. Meanwhile in the nursery, another cat was prowling inside. The queens and other she-cats quickly formed a protective barrier around the kits and began to growl and hiss. The cat lounged at them, trying to break them apart. But Willowcry quickly reached up and clawed at him. The stubborn Grumbleeyes peeked inside the nursery. This cat would not give up. And neither would the queens and the young she-cats of Thunder Clan. But of course, she could still fight too. Why she retired, not even the clan remembers. Grumbleyes padded into the nursery and sat. ”I don know about you, but when I was your age, I never invaded the nursery, ” she meowed, ”Do you know why I didn do it? ” The apprentice-looking tom shook his head slowly. ”Common sense, ” she meowed, ”I once heard that if you kill a queen, OR a kit you go to the dark forest when you die. ” The young toms eyes opened wide with fear. ”Im-I-I-Im so sorry! I…I won kill them! ” The cats in the nursery waited for the young tom to run further away. Grumbleeyes chuckled. ”So naive. ” ”So what you said wasn true, ” asked Willowcry. ”Well half of it, ” Grumbleeyes replied, ”You see, I didn actually attack anyone in the nursery because of that same exact tale my mom told me when I was just a little kit. ” Back outside, Blackfur walked out of the leaders den to see a mess of blood on the camp grounds. ”ENOUGH, ” he yowled loudly. Cats stopped in their fighting and looked up at Blackfur. Blackfur looked down at all the cats who were pinned down, had claws stabbing their stomachs and throats, or bites deep on their opponents legs….Swiftfoot dead on the ground. ”Why are we fighting? ” ”They attacked us first, ” hissed Tinycreek. Blackfur looked around. These were Shadow Clan cats. ”Cats of Shadow Clan, I would like to ask, who gave this order to attack? ” ”Our deputy, Weaselstripe, ” meowed a tom. Oh Swiftfoot, what should I say? thought Blackfur. ”Oh yeah? Well what did Graystar say? Infact, was she even gone long enough to put Weaselstripe in charge? Where is that son of a fox anyways? ” The Shadow Clan cats looked around. Weaselstripe was not there. But he said he was leading the charge. ”Go back to camp, ” Blackfur meowed. The cats of Shadow Clan released their opponents and left the camp. Most of the she-cats began to leave the nursery. Flowerpedal walked up next to Blackfur as Gingerpaw tended to the wounds of the warriors and apprentices. ”Are you still going to the moon pool to receive your nine lives, ” asked Flowerpedal. Blackfur paused and thought. ”Give me a few more moments. And then Ill go. Now go and tend to the injured cats. ” Flowerpedal nodded with understanding and walked back to her den. Blackfur sat and groomed his fur, preparing himself for his leadership ceremony.

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