Chapter 01: The Villain Twins


As an adult, I didn’t have any major ups and downs.


There was no stress at work.
Since I lived alone, I did not lack money either: it was not enough to buy a car or a house, but I had no complaints.


But because there weren’t many fun things to do, life became a little boring.


My days went by normally.
Returning home after work, ordering delicious food, opening three or four cans of beer, and reading web novels became a daily routine.


But today, even reading the novel didn't feel as much fun.


The novel I was reading was an ordinary 'Academy' one.
The author gave only 'sweet potatoes' throughout the first half.


[T/N: In Korea, it is said if one eats too many 'sweet potatoes' they might feel frustrated and stifled.
The MC probably felt the same way after reading the first half of the novel.
Hence he compared the first half with the sweet potatoes.]


The main character’s name was also weird.
Yet I persevered.


But now I was getting a little frustrated.


If one considered the strong suit of this novel, it was its characters.


Whether they were the heroines around the main character or the main character’s allies, the characters were three-dimensional and interesting.


To be honest, it’s a novel that I had been reading only for its characters.


However, the villains—who couldn't find any charm in such characters—constantly smashed them.


“… ah… that’s so annoying…”


The villains were twins: Asena Pryster and Keirsey Pryster.


Between them, Asena was the older sister, and she was also the head of the Pryster House.


Both of them mercilessly trampled on the people around the main character.


As if trying to put their motto–Never touch a Pryster–into practice, they thoroughly smashed everything they wanted.


No mercy was shown.


It was as if they were born without emotions.


The author didn’t even explain the secrets of the twins.


If Asena or Keirsey ever made a move, it was impossible to retaliate, and just like that, one more character would be gone.


It was as if the author lacked the ability to write and hence used the twins to get rid of the characters that had to be eliminated from the story.


Are they devise characters for the novel?


They seemed to be used in the same way as the executioners.


Even today, my favorite character, ‘Daisy Hexter’, was mercilessly trampled on by the Pryster twins and disappeared into the back of the novel.


In the end, I took action.


‘Daisy is so cute!’


‘Gather up, Daisy fans..!’


‘I love you, Daisy, really!’


the same cheering comments were erased with tears in my eyes.


Finally, after drinking one more beer, I put my hand on the keyboard.


‘Writer, I can’t understand the villains.
To be honest, I think they lack charm.’


I pressed 'enter'.


And then, I transmigrated.


✧ ✧ ✧


I possessed a child named Cayden, who was growing up in the ‘Hexter Orphanage’.


I honestly didn’t know who he was.


If it wasn’t for this orphanage sponsored by the family of my favorite ‘Daisy Hexter’, I wouldn’t have known that I was transmigrated in that novel.


So obviously, the characters of the novel did not appear around me.
It didn’t seem like they would show up.


The Academy, the setting of the novel, was also a far-off place for me.


In this strict worldview of the class system, I was not in a place where I, an orphan and commoner, could be involved.


Only nobles can attend the academy.


The point was I, Cayden, had nothing to do with the novel.


So it’s insanely absurd.


If it was like this, I wondered why was I even transmigrated.


But that didn’t mean I was discouraged.


As time went by, I just naturally accepted this life.
Because there was nothing else I could do.


For two years, I took care of the orphanage children.


It wasn’t difficult for me as an adult.


Gradually, I was also feeling happy.


My theory is that children should unconditionally be treated with care and respect.


So I poured out my affection by loving, scolding, and playing pranks on the orphanage’s younger siblings.


To be honest, I came to like my younger siblings a lot.


Ewin, an innocent girl, Knox, who dreams of becoming a chef, Keila, who likes flowers, etc…


They gave back to me as much as I poured out my love.


The nuns looked at this with a lot of respect.


Always saying that they were so proud of my actions.


… well, it wasn’t really a big compliment to me as an adult.


Then that day came.


One day, the nun called me and took me to the interview room.


The nuns were shaking.


It was my first time seeing them behave so strangely.


Soon, we arrived in a small room.


There was an old woman inside.


“Hello, Cayden,” she said.
“My name is Liana Pryster.”


✧ ✧ ✧


I, Liana, the former Duchess of Pryster House, had a problem.


My son, who was also the head of the household, passed away.


He went away just like my daughter-in-law.


I didn’t know how many tears I shed.


I didn’t want to be seen by others, so I secretly hid in his room and cried.




Because the mighty Pryster can’t cry.


I behaved the same when my husband left me alone to take care of our son.
And now, even that son was gone.


No parent should have the experience of burying their child in the ground.


This suffering was too great an ordeal to endure without a husband.


But the Prysters could not be weakened.
The family that my husband and son had protected could not fall here.


With other families staring at us, I came to power with my wrinkled hands.


“Never touch the Prysters,” I recited our motto.


Fortunately, there were a lot of things left behind by my husband and son, so it was easier for me to protect the Pryster House.


The rebellions that had been ignited in my son’s absence were quickly extinguished, the alliances were strengthened, and more time was bought.


It had taken me three months to do all of this.


Then some things caught my eye.


Things I couldn’t see since I was too busy.


My granddaughters.

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