sire was running wild under her silent expression.
Asena bowed her head and greeted the stiff student council members.


“…I’ll just leave.
Sorry to spoil the mood.”


And she turned around without hesitation.


With the help of a topographical map of the academy that she already memorized, Asena came up with the shortest route to her destination.


✧ ✧ ✧


Was it too late? There was no one left in the training ground of the Knight's Department.


Asena bit her lip slightly; time was scarce.
Even now, the time she could be with him was decreasing every second.


Asena sped up and started going back to her department.


'Maybe he came to find us.'


It didn't take long for Asena to find Keirsey, unfortunately, Keirsey was alone.


Asena approached Keirsey, who had slumped shoulders and a sad face, representing her feelings.




“Unnie!! Did you see Oppa?”


With a frustrated face, Asena closed her eyes and sighed.


'Where did he go?'


Asena blamed herself for being stupid.
She should have made an appointment in the morning.


Cayden must have been looking for them too… She imagined her sweet Cayden wandering around because he couldn’t find them, and it greatly frustrated her.


Asena looked around.
They were in front of a wide fountain.
It was an open place where students could find each other quickly if they intended.


'Should we wait here for him to find us?'


“What are you doing?”


Someone spoke and the twins turned their heads.
At the end of their gazes stood Eric Endra.


“Are you looking for Cayden?”


'How did he know?' Asena had such thoughts but Keirsey didn't.
Keirsey nodded her head fiercely.


“Yes! You are… Eric?”


I share the room with Hyung-nim.
By the way…
Did you go back to his room?”




Asena and Keirsey asked at the same time.


✧ ✧ ✧




I lay on the sofa without energy and sighed.


‘…I never once thought of him as my brother.’


My mind was interpreting her words logically but my heart didn't even want to consider the truth.


I couldn’t believe she had said that, even though I heard it with my own ears.
I didn't think the kisses she gave me every morning were a lie.
I didn't think the aegyo and smiles she only showed me were just an act.
But as much as I believed those things, it was also a fact that my ears didn't hear wrong.
In the end, I even saw her face.
I saw the words coming out of her mouth.


So I was confused.
Had she never really liked me? Was I the only one satisfied with myself? I was ashamed just thinking about such things.


I had poured all my heart into raising the twins… If Asena was disgusted with those actions… there was nothing more hurtful than that.


Perhaps my affectionate face just looked cringy to her…
Kissing and hugging, perhaps those actions only disgusted her further.


My heart continued to throb, faster and faster to the point it hurt me.
I wondered if this was what a broken heart felt like.


…Asena was changing so quickly.
From the moment I rode the carriage, I felt our relationship changing in front of my eyes.


We, who had no problems for more than 10 years, started to change as soon as we came out.
I tried to find out the cause.
If Asena never really thought of me as a family member and hated our relationship, why was she showing her heart only now?


When I searched for it, I came to the conclusion surprisingly quickly.


Was it because of grandma? Was she pretending to get along with me for just grandma's sake? And now, without her, the hidden true feelings were gradually revealed.


I had many questions but unfortunately no answer…


Taking a deep breath, I tried to calm my confused mind.


In fact, I had the urge to go to Asena and ask her, ‘did you ever really think of me as your brother?’ But I was afraid.
I had already heard the truth so clearly.
It wasn’t a word that came out because someone asked, and it wasn’t that she was emotional.
Asena said that she never thought of me as an older brother when I was not there.


…I didn’t even know what the heck I was expecting.
Come to think of it, she had already decided to expel me from the family.
This was also a choice that represented her heart…
Gradually, my mind was leaning toward the fact that she hated me.


“…Ugh… it hurts…”


I pressed my chin tight.
I kept feeling pain in my heart.


– Knock.


At that moment, someone knocked on the dorm door.
I didn’t even think about who it was.
There was no space in my head to think about that.
I just got up mechanically and walked over to the door and opened it.




Keirsey was right in front of me.


“Oppa! Why are you here!”


Keirsey called me briefly with a stern tone.
Her eyebrows were nicely gathered downwards and she had a frown on her always-smiling face.


“…I’m sorry, I…”


My mouth hardened as I saw Asena walking out from behind Keirsey.


Asena still had her characteristic stiff face.
Just looking at that expression made my heart pound.


“…Oppa, have you eaten already?”


Asena asked in a plain monotone voice.
Her tone was usual and her expressions were the same as if nothing had happened.
I wondered if everything that happened was just a dream.
But… as long as I wasn’t crazy, that wouldn’t be the case.
So, now, her acting skills rather scared me.


“…Oppa, answer me.”

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