The sun shined on the greenery below, a vast forest that covered everything the eye can see, in the middle of a small open space centered by a balder a white circle suddenly opened, it got larger until it was 2 m in radius and suddenly shined with a bright light then disappeared left behind two figures on the ground

Black pushed the dizziness out of his mind and pulled all his might to finally get up on his knees

As his senses started coming back, he quickly snapped to reality and checked the pieces of clothes that were wrapped like a cone around the baby in his hands

The moment he saw her trying to catch his suit button and no sign of injuries on her he felt like his entire body relaxed and lost its tension and slight fatigue reach him

He quickly dismissed the feeling and started taking the view of his surroundings

He was now on a bolder that was surrounded by trees, he could hear the sound of birds around him singing multiple deferent tones and the very faint burbles of water, a sudden groaning sound from behind

The other man finally woke up and started shifting and raising to his knees, he gave black a glance and then managed mature a few words

”Are we dead, is this heaven? ”

”do we look dead to you? ”

”well sins you are here this is not heaven and it doesn look like hell either ”

Not giving attention to his companions words he stood up and started examining him

his black suit was worse than a beggars clothes, covered in blood, knife cuts, and bullet holes revealing his bandaged wounds with bruises and little burns all over his body

His own suit wasn in a better shape either, but at least the blood wasn his, no cut or holes and his body already healed from the burns and bruises

He always healed quickly and didn get hurt easily which made people avoid him, with the addition of his emotionless cold face that looked the same always

It was always emotionless until he met her, remembering her made his blood run cold

”she may be still alive black ”sensing the change of air around his friend Yama suggested ”we didn see her die with our eyes ”

Black eyed his friend then closed them, draw some air to his lungs, hold a little, then let out in a relaxed matter


He heard a snooze come from sera in his hands and he nearly started hugging and kissing her but he recollected his self

Although these types of actions and thoughts weren at all like him, holding back was hard since he still didn get used to the feelings of being a father

After some time to recollect himself that was enoug

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