Merlins tower of knowledge, one of the most fearsome forces in the world, and a place that every mage inspire to enter, just getting accepted there is a proof that you are one of the elite mages in matera.

Deep underground the sky splitting White tower a dungeon was hidden, the ground, ceiling and wall were made of grey hard rocks that were polished, with black metal bars that acted as door to the cells.

In the middle of the hallway, right at the front of one of the cells, an old man was standing, his White robe with golden strings that run from his neck collar to the end of the robe and to his sleeves mixed well with his pure white beard.

Right beside him another person was standing, she was wearing a really faint gray robe that nearly looked white, she had a beautiful face, clear blue eyes, small round nose, cheek bones that made her look fears and elegant at the same time, white hair that dropped to her waist.

Both of them where looking at the prisoner in that cell, the women was clearly happy with the smile on her face but her eyes were showing sadness, while the man shared the same expression but with a frowning forehead.

” was it worth it, are you happy and satisfied now ” his voice was deep and made his anger clear with a hint of sadness within

The prisoner inside looked up, making her features clear, she had the same eye and hair color but her cheekbones weren as visible, then she spoke with a clear but low voice with sadness reflected on her eyes.

” i am really happy to see you again, father sister, it has been a long time ”.

” it has been 5 years ” the other women shouted ” do you know ho we feel right now, my younger sister that disappeared after committing the taboo, the taboo that means death if you succeed in making it work, is right in front of me ” her eyes couldn hold the tears anymore and narrowed letting the a stream of droplets.

” we thought you were dead, my heart was teared with the news and for the first time after your mothers death a felt the hot tears dropping from my eyes ” the old Mans tone was shaking ” did making your father experience that feeling at his age make you pleased ”.

The prisoner was tearing rivers like her sister and her voice was quivering.

” i am sorry father, i am really sorry ” She couldn take the sadness in her Fathers eyes and voice .

the sight of his two daughters crying mad the old man remember the day they buried his dead wife,

back when his beard was still black, he was standing in front of her grave with his two little daughters, marin the older between the sisters was hugging her fathers leg and crying as loud she can, while estel the younger one was doing the same,

he himself cried his eyes dry turning them red.

after dismissing that memory he raised his hand and reached for estel cheek and did the same for marin with his other hand

” you two are my most precious gems in this hole world, i can stay angry at both of you whatever you do ” he then made estel get closer to the cells door and rested his forehead on hers

” i am very happy that you managed to came back to us, my old heart feels at peace now, don think about nothing but your wellbeing now, i will take care of everything ”.

the three of them felt a moment of happiness then mairn hugged her sister and went with her father to a portal that was in the end of the dungeon hallway.

after getting to the first floor of the tower and made there way to a platform that was in the middle of the floor, they received bowing head on the way but didn give it much intention.

the platform was a white disc with gold lines forming a circle inside it stood a man who was wearing a strong grey robe.

they both got on the platform then the father looked at the man in the middle and said

” the elders room ”.

the man nodded then raised his hands up above his head then they started raising.

the old man always hated the customs and rules of the tower that were useless and dump, like the rule that the elders room shouldn have any teleport gates, it made him lose a lot of time because it was the highest and last room in the tower.

but today this rule was a given, just thinking about the people he will have to met and their annoying voice was enough for his heart to blaze with anger and a headache was already on his way, he would have cursed if his daughter wasn with him, he needs to keep his dignity and grace in front of his daughters.

but that didn stop him from cursing in his mind

these **ers, they keep trying to start a fight with me but i always play the good elder role but i swear if any of those dust balls try to lay hand on estal i will shove the tower up their ass .

before he had daughter he was a person who was known for his bad mouth and swearing a life time worth in a day.

the platform stopped, they reached their destination, it was time for the elder meeting to start.

maybe i should just kill them, that will be easier .

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